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Why Not Make Batteries the Gift This Year?

At the time this post was written, there were but 14 weeks until Christmas. Not to rush things, but a lot of us will begin our holiday shopping within the next few weeks. We will...

USB-C Progressing Toward Being the Default USB Port

Here at Paleblue, we have been making the transition to USB-C technology for the last several months. USB-C is the latest iteration of a charging and data transfer technology that has been around for more...

Powering a Rock Concerts Proves What Batteries Are Capable Of

Batteries are incredible little devices that allow us to power electronics without having to plug them into the wall. Sometimes it seems like we take them for granted. But we shouldn't. A recent tour of...

That Paper Battery You Heard About Is for Low-Power Devices

Pale Blue Earth discusses how the paper battery that is easy to make, cheap, and fully biodegradable. However, the paper battery is for low-power devices only.

Sustainability Perspectives Being a Steward of the Land

Ask ten people to describe what sustainability looks like and you are likely to get some variation in their answers. That's okay. Sustainability isn't a single exercise or action. The principle itself is actually quite...

Scientists Recover Energy from Disposable Batteries But Why

Pale Blue Earth discusses Taiwanese researchers recently announced what they consider a breakthrough in battery recycling. They have come up with a way to harvest as much as 50% of the energy remaining in disposable alkaline batteries.

How Recycled Consumer Batteries Could Some Day Power a Car

Residents of New York's Broome County were invited to participate in a lithium-ion battery recycling event held in Endwell over the course of a single weekend in mid-August.  Event organizers were looking for lithium-ion AA...

How Much Do You Know about Those Recycling Numbers on Plastics

Pale Blue Earth breaks down the reasoning and meaning behind the recycling numbers on plastics.

Companies and Sustainability It's Okay to Want More

Sustainability has become a buzzword among major brands and manufacturers. As a result, it is easy to be skeptical and assume that a given company's sustainability efforts are either just marketing or beneficial to the...