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German Company Launches Lithium Battery Recycling Plant

Yes, You Can Turn Your Apartment into a More Sustainable Space

Sustainability is a big part of the mission here at Pale Blue Earth. One of our goals is to contribute to the global effort to maintain the planet and its ecosystems so that future generations...

What Single Use Plastics and Disposable Batteries Have in Common

The Simple Reason Lithium Batteries Don't Tend to Leak

Spend some time looking around the Pale Blue Earth website and you are likely to see language suggesting that our USB-C batteries will not leak in your devices. We are comfortable in saying that for...

No Need for Spacers We Have Rechargeable C and D Batteries

There is a new product on the market designed for people who want C and D rechargeable USB batteries but can't find them. It is a spacer that allows you to use AA and AAA batteries in devices that take C and D cells. Here's the thing: you don't need spacers when you buy batteries from Pale Blue Earth. We have all the most popular form factors – including C and D.

5 Ideas for a More Sustainable 2022 Holiday Season

How to Avoid Purchasing Counterfeit Batteries (It's Not Hard)

Yahoo! Life contributor Kali Coleman recently put together a piece discussing FBI warnings over counterfeit batteries. It is a good piece that reminds readers the reality of counterfeit products. To play off that post, we...

Do You Know the Battery Recycling Laws in Your State?

Battery recycling in the United States is regulated by both federal and state authorities. Federal laws are comparatively minimal, which has led multiple states to come up with their own regulations. Our question for you...

Consumer Battery Market Report Offers Good News and Bad

A recent market research report looking at the global consumer battery market appears to be a mixed bag. The Global Industry Analysts report shows the overall market should see significant growth over the next five...