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Home Conversion Kit

$199.99 $250.00

Now with reduced packaging!

Fast Charging Lithium Battery

1000+ Charge Cycles

Convenient Micro USB Charge Port
Just plug any micro USB cable or use the included cable to charge up to four batteries at once.

Built-In LED Charging Indicator
Pale Blue Batteries let you know when they are fully charged.

On-Board Smart Technology Provides Safe Charging
No more batteries ruining expensive electronic devices!

- 12 Pale Blue AA Batteries
- 8 Pale Blue AAA Batteries
- 4 Pale Blue 9V Batteries
- 4 Pale Blue D Batteries

- 2  4-to-1 Charging Cables (20cm & 30cm)

Chemistry: Lithium Ion
Power [W-h]:  (AA: 2.25W-h) (AAA: 0.675W-h) (9V: 0.675 W-h) (D: 7.5W-h)
Voltage: (AA,AAA,D: 1.5V) (9V: 9V)
Capacity: (AA: 1560mAh) (AAA: 450mAh) (9V: 450mAh) (D: 5000mAh)
Charge Time: (AA: Under 2 hours) (AAA: Under 1 Hour) (9V: Under 3 Hours) (D: Under 5 Hours) Depending on charger specifications.
Cycle Rating:  1000+ Cycles
Charging Cable: 1 USB to 4 Micro USB, 1 USB to 2 Micro USB
Charge State Indicator: Red Green LED
Protection Circuit: Integrated safety circuit protects battery and device
Overheat Protection: Operating at max output the battery will not overheat, this is part of the protection circuit.
Other Safety Protections: Protects against Overload, Leakage, Short Circuit, Over Voltage, & High Temperature
Certifications: IEC 62133, CE, FCC, PSE, UN38.3, RoHS, REACH
Operating Temperature Rage: -20c -> 60c, (-4F-> 140F)
Self-Discharge: The dormant / self discharge characteristics of Pale Blue batteries are very low. This is one of the advantages of a lithium ion battery with a control circuit, vs an alkaline or NiMh battery, where the cell discharges directly into the circuit (no control circuit). The battery life in dormant mode depends partly on the environment. High ambient temperatures, and higher humidity, increases the internal drain. But in normal circumstances a battery installed in a device, like a door lock, will last ~12 months.
Cells Per Battery: (AA,AAA: 1) (9V: 2) (D: 3)
Lithium Content: (AA: 0.165g) (AAA: 0.054g) (9V: 0.3g) (D: 0.54g)
Individual Battery Weight: (AA: 17.5g) (AAA: 7g) (9V: 28g) (D: 74g)


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A different kind of rechargeable battery.

With our advanced lithium rechargeable technology, Pale Blue batteries charge 5x faster than conventional Ni-MH rechargeable batteries. Pale Blue batteries provide higher power and more consistent output through their use cycle.


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
david everett
Pale Blue batteries are awesome

I absolutely love the Pale Blue Home Conversion Kit. Lithium Ion batteries are definitely a step up from Ni-Cad. My only wish is that Pale Blue offered such kits in serveral variations--for instance, my needs require more AAA than AA, nor do I need many 9 volts--and I'd rather the kit be heavier on AAA than AA as it currently is.

However, customer support says when I am, ready to order again, I can pick individual items to pick and choose my own and they'd get me a coupon to make it come out the same regarding the HCK's price discount.

Do not hesitate to order batteries from Pale Blue, you will be pleased.

James Greene

Home Conversion Kit

steven katzenberg

quick and simple

Russ H
Good, but could be much better

Pale batteries are the best rechargeable lithium batteries I’ve tried and for that I give them 4 stars. However, they don’t last as long as alkaline batteries, which isn’t a hard thing to overcome considering the energy density of lithium vs. alkaline. The 9 volt Pale batteries seem to be the worst as it runs low quickly. There also seems to be a slow drain on the batteries even when there is no load on them. When I need a battery that is going to last as long as possible I still use alkalines or non-rechargeable lithiums.

I’m grateful to have my Pale batteries, and again, they are the best rechargeables I’ve tried and I own a lot of them and save money with them in the long run.. I just think the technology has a lot of room to grow, especially given the high price tag. I look forward to their next generation.

Jeffrey Carroll
Recharge Batts

Good batteries. Lighter for the same number and charge holds well. Doesn't do as well as regular batts in cold temps. Still using around house, more to come.