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A render of four Paleblue batteries plugged into a wall outlet with a USB cable
Savings, Performance & Sustainability

Fast USB charging with better performance & less waste*

*Compared to traditional single use alkaline batteries & packaging

Paleblue vs. Alkaline vs. NiMh

See what makes Paleblue different than the 'usual' batteries.

*Based on 100 uses

Industry-leading charge time.

With our advanced lithium rechargeable technology, Paleblue batteries charge up to 10x faster than conventional rechargeable batteries. 

Customer Reviews

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Good but also fails short of true "home conversion"

Only problem I have is that the kit does NOT include "C" batteries. A true "home conversion" would include size "C" batteries.

Jason Wowk

Quick delivery and great product


Home Conversion Kit

Rob Mallicoat
Love these!

Great idea to provide Li-Ion batteries for us to use in our devices. Thanks

William G.
Great Product, Excellent Customer Service!

I ordered a Home Conversion Kit, and have been happy with the entire experience. Pale Blue's turnaround time to get my order out was incredibly fast. When my batteries arrived, I found that one battery out of the entire lot would not charge. I sent an email to Pale Blue's customer service and they responded promptly. They requested I return the faulty battery (at their expense) and replaced it without any issue. As for the batteries themselves, I use them in various small electronics including remotes, game controllers, wireless computer peripherals, flash lights, and more. They perform at least as well as other rechargeable batteries I use, better in most cases. I've already recommended them to several people and will continue to recommend them!

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