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USB Rechargeable Batteries

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Rechargeable batteries that work.

Save Money

Stop wasting money on disposable batteries. Start saving with every recharge.

Fast USB Charging

Fully charged in as little as 1 hour so you can get back to using your devices.

Reduce Waste

End the needless manufacturing, transportation and plastic of single-use batteries

No bulky charger required!

The onboard USB-C port and battery management system offer fast, reliable charging wherever you need it.

What our customers have to say...

"These are a life saver for my toddler's battery powered toys!"


"The ability to charge these batteries with any available USB port has made these my go to rechargeable batteries. I use them in the house and for camping as well."


"I love the fact that I can just plug them into a USB port anywhere to charge them! No more getting stuck with dead batteries with my charger at home 😉"


"I got these hoping they would be as good as non-rechargeable batteries. They are 100% better!"

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Worry Free Power

We stand behind our batteries with a limited lifetime warranty.

Our Story

We started Paleblue with a clear mission: Rid the world of single-use batteries.

Charged For Life

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Free Shipping

on all order over $50

Free Returns

within 30 days of purchase

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