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USB Rechargeable Smart Batteries

High Performance. Convenient. Sustainable.

A sustainable solution for the home

A single Pale Blue rechargeable will replace 1000+ alkaline disposables!

Stay Charged

Power up quickly when you are on the go, at work, home or traveling.

Powering every adventure


The battery company that wants you to buy fewer batteries.

In America alone, 10 million batteries are thrown away every day. One pack of Pale Blue USB rechargable lithium batteries can replace up to 4,000 alkalines. Making the switch can save you money and keep toxic disposable batteries out of landfills. #DitchDisposables

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Superior Performance & Ultra-Fast Charging

Pale Blue rechargeable batteries have better voltage stability, current output, and stability than alkaline and old school NiMh rechargeable batteries. Our batteries charge in one fifth the time of a similar NiMh rechargeable!