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Electrical Item Recycling Is Working in Ireland

The report in question details a relationship between WEEE Ireland and a company known as KMK Metals. The relationship has been ongoing since 2005. During that time, the partners have managed to recycle more than 200 million electrical devices. They have also recycled over 18,000 tons of batteries. That equates to literally billions of battery cells that never made it to landfills and whose constituent materials could then be reused in the manufacturing of new products.

Why 1000+ Charges Actually Makes a Difference

The ability to recharge lithium-ion USB-C batteries doesn't exist in isolation. How rechargeable batteries are used, and what that means for single-use batteries, affects many other things. It is like anything else. Every action a person takes triggers a cascading cycle of more actions.

What the Greenpeace Report Means for Battery Recycling

Many of us who care deeply about environmental issues were caught off guard by a now infamous Greenpeace USA report published in late 2022. The report said, in effect, that plastic recycling is a failure. Greenpeace defended their position in great detail – with plenty of data and recent evidence. If the report has influenced your thoughts about battery recycling, we hope the influence hasn't been negative.

To Recycle Batteries or Not The Good and the Bad

Regular readers know that Pale Blue Earth is passionate about battery recycling (stay tuned for news about our efforts around National Battery Day which is coming up soon). That being the case, we thought it might be helpful to look at the good and bad of the recycling equation. We will actually start with the bad because doing so reinforces the good that comes from recycling batteries.

All Those New Electronics Means Millions of New Batteries

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA), the organization responsible for putting on the annual CES, estimates retailers will sell in the neighborhood of $485 billion worth of new electronics in 2023. That is down from $512 billion in 2021. Still, the numbers are beyond impressive.

Meanwhile, ever more products require battery power as manufacturers continue producing powered products to keep up with consumer demand.

5 Sustainable New Year's Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

It is that time of year again when the New Year's resolutions come hard and heavy. We are ready to make changes that are going to make us better people and members of our families...

German Company Launches Lithium Battery Recycling Plant

Yes, You Can Turn Your Apartment into a More Sustainable Space

Sustainability is a big part of the mission here at Pale Blue Earth. One of our goals is to contribute to the global effort to maintain the planet and its ecosystems so that future generations...

What Single Use Plastics and Disposable Batteries Have in Common