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Batteries: Both Literal and Figurative Power Sources

Posted by Tom Bishop on

If you had to define a battery, how would you do it? Batteries can be defined scientifically as structures that hold potential energy. They give us literal power to run electronic and electric devices. But...

USB-C Is Coming – It Will Be a Real Game-Changer

Posted by Tom Bishop on

Since our company's inception, we have talked a lot about USB rechargeable batteries. In the coming weeks and months, you are going to start seeing us put more emphasis on USB-C technology. USB-C is coming,...

How Many Different Ways Do You Use the USB Ports?

Posted by Tom Bishop on

The humble USB port is so prolific in modern society that it is difficult to imagine life without it. It's enough to make one wonder whether the original creators had any idea how popular their...

Does Curbside Trash Pickup Encourage Waste?

Posted by Tom Bishop on

One of the most fundamental principles of the natural world is that every action causes some sort of reaction. When you walk outside in the rain, you get wet. When you run your furnace, you...

Recent Market Report Shows Good Things for Li-Ion Batteries

Posted by Tom Bishop on

It goes without saying that Pale Blue Earth is bullish on lithium-ion batteries. Develping, producing, and marketing industry-leading USB rechargeable batteries is what we do. But it is good to know that the market supports...

Why USB Charging Stations Are the New Wall Outlets

Posted by Tom Bishop on

It must have been strange and exciting for homeowners in the early 20th century to see wall outlets installed in their homes. To people whose only exposure to controlled electricity was streetlights and factory power,...

Why USB Is the Perfect Technology for Recharging Batteries

Posted by Tom Bishop on
Since USB ports are found literally everywhere, USB battery charging is incredibly convenient. But move beyond charging stations in airports and restaurants. There are even more possibilities you might have never thought about.

Make Your Electric Toothbrush Better with Rechargeable Batteries

Posted by Tom Bishop on
USB rechargeable batteries from Pale Blue Earth are made to be recharged a thousand times and more. 

Why Battery Choice Is Such a Good Thing

Posted by Tom Bishop on

One of the things that is vital to the Pale Blue Earth business model is doing things in such a way as to promote positive impacts on the environment. We believe consumers can help us...