Why USB Is the Perfect Technology for Recharging Batteries

USB charger


It wasn't long ago when using rechargeable batteries meant having a separate charger for each battery size and type. When we sat down to begin designing Paleblue Earth lithium-ion batteries, we wanted something different. We settled on a design that allowed for USB charging. From our point of view, USB is the perfect technology for our needs.


Our batteries can be charged using any standard USB port. Plug them into the computer at work. At home, plug them into the same power bank or laptop USB port that you plug your phone into. Or use an adapter to plug them into a wall outlet. You never need a separate charger with Paleblue USB batteries.


USB Is Ubiquitous


So, why is USB technology perfect for our needs? First and foremost, because it's everywhere. It is hard to imagine that USB's inventors knew just how prolific the technology would be when they first introduced it. Remember that USB was primarily a data transfer system two decades ago.


At any rate, you can hardly go anywhere these days without finding USB recharging stations. They are all over airports and train stations. Ditto for bus terminals, restaurants and cafés, and even the public library. Seriously folks, there really is no need to use separate chargers anymore.


USB Charging Is Convenient


Since USB ports are found literally everywhere, USB battery charging is incredibly convenient. But move beyond charging stations in airports and restaurants. There are even more possibilities you might have never thought about.


If your car is fairly new, it probably has a couple of on-board charging ports. Perhaps you have a backup battery for your cell phone. When you know you'll be out of the house for the day, the backup goes with you. Then you just plug in the phone and when it starts to die.


Guess what? That same battery pack can recharge your Paleblue Earth lithium-ion batteries. That means you can take your USB rechargeables out into the middle of nowhere for a great nature photography session. Just carry an extra backup and you will have energy to recharge those batteries should it be necessary.


USB Is a Modern Standard


Another reason we love USB as a charging technology is found in the fact that it is considered a modern standard. Remember that wall outlets are different from one country to the next. If you have ever traveled to Europe, for example, you know you need a power converter. No such converter is necessary when you're talking USB ports.


Imagine traveling overseas and not having to carry either a charger or a power converter. That is two fewer devices you need to pack in your suitcase. It's two fewer devices you have to worry about leaving behind when it's time to come home.


USB Charging Is Fast


The icing on the cake is the fact that USB charging is fast. In fairness, this has more to do with the batteries than the charging system itself. Nonetheless, you can recharge lithium-ion batteries in a matter of hours. You cannot do that with NiCad and NiMH batteries. These can take as much as 12 and 24 hours to charge.


We didn't stumble onto the idea of USB charging by accident. It is something we thought long and hard about during the design phase of our products. The more we thought about it, the more we researched it. The more we researched it, the more we realized that USB technology is perfect for recharging batteries. And now you know why Paleblue batteries can be charged in any USB port.