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What the Greenpeace Report Means for Battery Recycling

Many of us who care deeply about environmental issues were caught off guard by a now infamous Greenpeace USA report published in late 2022. The report said, in effect, that plastic recycling is a failure. Greenpeace defended their position in great detail – with plenty of data and recent evidence. If the report has influenced your thoughts about battery recycling, we hope the influence hasn't been negative.

To Recycle Batteries or Not The Good and the Bad

Regular readers know that Pale Blue Earth is passionate about battery recycling (stay tuned for news about our efforts around National Battery Day which is coming up soon). That being the case, we thought it might be helpful to look at the good and bad of the recycling equation. We will actually start with the bad because doing so reinforces the good that comes from recycling batteries.

German Company Launches Lithium Battery Recycling Plant

Do You Know the Battery Recycling Laws in Your State?

Battery recycling in the United States is regulated by both federal and state authorities. Federal laws are comparatively minimal, which has led multiple states to come up with their own regulations. Our question for you...

Do You Know What the EPA Says About Household Battery Disposal?

Household batteries are pretty much mandatory these days. They power everything from flashlights to remote controls and Xbox controllers. Needless to say, the average home has plenty of household batteries installed in devices and laying...

How Recycled Consumer Batteries Could Some Day Power a Car

Residents of New York's Broome County were invited to participate in a lithium-ion battery recycling event held in Endwell over the course of a single weekend in mid-August.  Event organizers were looking for lithium-ion AA...