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What the Greenpeace Report Means for Battery Recycling

Many of us who care deeply about environmental issues were caught off guard by a now infamous Greenpeace USA report published in late 2022. The report said, in effect, that plastic recycling is a failure. Greenpeace defended their position in great detail – with plenty of data and recent evidence. If the report has influenced your thoughts about battery recycling, we hope the influence hasn't been negative.

All Those New Electronics Means Millions of New Batteries

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA), the organization responsible for putting on the annual CES, estimates retailers will sell in the neighborhood of $485 billion worth of new electronics in 2023. That is down from $512 billion in 2021. Still, the numbers are beyond impressive.

Meanwhile, ever more products require battery power as manufacturers continue producing powered products to keep up with consumer demand.

What Single Use Plastics and Disposable Batteries Have in Common

The Simple Reason Lithium Batteries Don't Tend to Leak

Spend some time looking around the Pale Blue Earth website and you are likely to see language suggesting that our USB-C batteries will not leak in your devices. We are comfortable in saying that for...

No Need for Spacers We Have Rechargeable C and D Batteries

There is a new product on the market designed for people who want C and D rechargeable USB batteries but can't find them. It is a spacer that allows you to use AA and AAA batteries in devices that take C and D cells. Here's the thing: you don't need spacers when you buy batteries from Pale Blue Earth. We have all the most popular form factors – including C and D.

5 Ideas for a More Sustainable 2022 Holiday Season

How to Avoid Purchasing Counterfeit Batteries (It's Not Hard)

Yahoo! Life contributor Kali Coleman recently put together a piece discussing FBI warnings over counterfeit batteries. It is a good piece that reminds readers the reality of counterfeit products. To play off that post, we...

Consumer Battery Market Report Offers Good News and Bad

A recent market research report looking at the global consumer battery market appears to be a mixed bag. The Global Industry Analysts report shows the overall market should see significant growth over the next five...

Do You Know What the EPA Says About Household Battery Disposal?

Household batteries are pretty much mandatory these days. They power everything from flashlights to remote controls and Xbox controllers. Needless to say, the average home has plenty of household batteries installed in devices and laying...