Why Switch to Rechargeable Batteries: Top 7 Benefits

Rechargeables have better performance, are more reliable, and are cheaper in the long run than single-use batteries.

How to Safely Clean Battery Corrosion

A build up of chemicals and materials is called battery corrosion, and it’s not a pretty situation. Don’t worry however, there are some easy ways you can clean up the corrosion and prevent it from happening! 

Guide to Rechargeable Batteries: Dos and Don’ts

By taking the right steps (and avoiding the wrong ones), you can enjoy the convenience and affordability of rechargeable batteries for even longer.

Batteries Explained: Battery Types, Technologies, and Common Sizes

Batteries play a vital role in powering our devices and enabling technological advancements across various industries. Understanding battery types, technologies, and common sizes empowers users to make informed decisions when selecting the most suitable power...

Why Alkaline Batteries Are Prone to Leaking

Given the fact that alkaline batteries can leak, lithium-ion batteries are often a better choice. 

Pros and Cons of USB Rechargeable Batteries

We are on a quest to serve as a catalyst in getting the world to shift away from using single-use ‘disposable’ batteries with the introduction of our USB rechargeable batteries. We are fully committed to...

The Rechargeable Battery Superpower 1000 Charge Cycles

If you had to change one thing about batteries, it’d most likely be that you only get one use out of them. Compared to rechargeable batteries, single-use batteries are more costly over time due to...

Here's Hoping Future Recycling Predictions Prove Accurate

Regular Paleblue Earth customers know exactly where we stand on the recycling topic. We are all for it. In fact, one of the reasons we decided to get into rechargeable batteries was a desire to...

Rechargeable Batteries Just Make Life Easier

Pale Blue Earth, a rechargeable battery company, discusses how rechargeable batteries make life with technology and devices easier.