Why Switch to Rechargeable Batteries: Top 7 Benefits

changing to rechargeable batteries

You may not be surprised when I tell you that the average two-person household in America possesses 20–60 batteries at a time. Honestly, most of our modern world runs on batteries. Whether it’s your TV remote, your power tool, or your children’s favorite toys, batteries are used every day of our lives. What may surprise you is when I tell you that each year, on average, Americans will throw away more than three billion batteries. That is an enormous amount of unnecessary waste. While sustainability and a healthier environment are goals we should all strive for, there are actually many more reasons (some of which may surprise you!) why rechargeable batteries are the new number one item on your shopping list. 

Here are seven powerful reasons why you should run today to stock up on rechargeable batteries:


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Rechargeables are much more cost-effective

You read that right. Rechargeable batteries are actually way more cost-effective than single-use batteries. While some people may be daunted by the price difference of rechargeable batteries, it’s important to remember that if you use your rechargeable batteries correctly, they can last up to 1000 times longer than single-use batteries! Investing in high-quality batteries for your favorite gear is an investment your future self will thank you for. Rechargeables have better performance, are more reliable, and are cheaper in the long run than single-use batteries. Our rechargeable batteries will last you over 1,000 charges. Just think of how many trips to the store that will save you! 

Rechargeables reduce waste

Each year, Americans will throw away more than three billion batteries. That’s a total of 180,000 tons of hazardous waste in our landfills. In addition, a study in 2007 found that rechargeable batteries have up to 28 times less impact on global warming, 30 times less impact on air pollution, 9 times less impact on air acidification, and 12 times less impact on water pollution. Switching your batteries to rechargeables is one of the easiest and simplest ways to reduce waste and help the environment! Paleblue’s advanced technology over the past 20 years has enabled them to create a battery that meets all the needs of users without creating unnecessary waste.

Rechargeables save so much TIME

Listen, you have a lot on your plate. I understand and respect that! I will guess that one of the last things you want to do as you’re scrambling to get out the door for your next adventure or when the batteries in your child’s favorite toy die unexpectedly is to put everything on pause and race to the nearest store for new batteries! Your schedule is just too full for that. With Paleblue’s special USB charging cord, you’re able to charge up to four batteries at a time. Making them ready faster than it takes you to go to the store for new ones! Time is one of the most valuable commodities. It’s too precious to waste running back and forth to the store to restock your batteries in life’s guaranteed inconvenient moments. 

Rechargeables are more convenient 

One of the main reasons for using rechargeable batteries in all of your gear is just how much more convenient it will be for you! Paleblue’s built-in LED charging indicator light never leaves you guessing whether or not your batteries are charged and ready for your next adventure! In the chaotic moments of your busy life, you will find yourself sighing with a deep breath of relief when all you have to do is simply plug in your reliable rechargeable batteries for a quick charge and have them ready in no time at all, rather than going out for new ones. Your batteries will be recharged in just a fraction of the time it would take to go out and buy more. No rushed trip to the store, no stress, no inconvenience. 

Rechargeables are better for the planet

Because rechargeables can be used over and over for years, fewer batteries need to be manufactured and transported, which means they’re more eco-friendly. If you’re passionate about going green and implementing more sustainable practices in your life, I encourage you to switch from single-use batteries today! By using just one Paleblue rechargeable, you can eliminate the need for 1,000 batteries. This is important because when batteries corrode and deteriorate in landfills, their chemicals soak into the soil and contaminate both groundwater and surface water. This is a huge compromise for our planet, ecosystem, and even our water supply when we drink from tap water faucets. You can be part of making positive changes for our environment by powering all your gear with rechargeable batteries.

Rechargeables batteries don’t corrode like alkalines

Have you ever worried about your batteries leaking into and ruining your expensive devices and gear? Or leaking into your children's toys and being transferred to their hands and mouths? The fact is, regular alkaline batteries are prone to leakage, especially when they haven't been used for awhile. When your batteries leak acid, it can not only ruin your gear but can also burn your skin and be poisonous if inhaled or ingested. By switching to rechargeable leak-proof batteries, you significantly lower the risk of exposure to battery acid. Because Paleblue’s rechargeable batteries are lithium-ion batteries with powerful chemistry, they will not leak like other single-use batteries. 


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Benefits of Paleblue

In case you’re not already convinced to run to Paleblue’s website and replace all of your alkaline batteries with better reusable ones... let me enlighten you with a few more reasons why you should shop for Paleblue’s batteries today! Quality batteries are an investment. Paleblue offers free returns and free shipping and strongly believes in impacting change by donating 1% for the Planet. 

Paleblue’s batteries are built for adventure but are also perfect for the home. Rechargeable batteries are not only the future but the present. Invest in high-quality batteries that continually provide value, convenience, and a sound conscience.