How to Use Batteries in Your Xbox Controller

rechargeable xbox batteries

For some people, gaming is just a form of casual entertainment; others elevate it to the level of a professional sport. However, whether they’re playing with friends or at a tournament, there’s one thing each gamer depends on to work flawlessly: batteries for their controller.

When it comes to Xbox controllers (including the X/S series), users can choose between the Play & Charge Kit, a rechargeable battery pack that can be used as it charges, or AA batteries. For players who prefer a completely wireless experience, AA batteries are the way to go. The question is, what’s the best choice of battery to use in your Xbox controller?

Using Batteries in Your Xbox Controller

At first glance, the answer is simple – buy some single-use alkaline AAs, pop them in, and enjoy the fun. Xbox controllers are sold with Duracell AA batteries included, which is perfect for the people who are impatient to get their gaming adventures started. Once the batteries run out, it’s just a matter of switching them out with new ones, and the entertainment can continue.

However, another option is to use rechargeable AA batteries instead. They work the same way as alkaline AAs, but offer better performance and longer intervals between replacements. Rather than running through multiple single-use AA batteries, gamers can use the same two pairs of rechargeable AA batteries for years.



Reasons Why Rechargeable Batteries are Ideal for Xbox Controllers

A good gaming experience is all about performance. Most of the focus gets put on lagging internet connections or glitchy software design, but drained batteries in your Xbox controller can be just as bad as patchy WiFi – they interrupt the experience. Compared to single-use AA batteries, rechargeable AA batteries can actually reduce interruptions and keep the game going.

They offer better performance

Provided you get high-quality rechargeable batteries, you’ll be using a power source that was designed to outperform its alkaline counterpart. For example, well-designed lithium-ion AA batteries typically offer more hours of play time compared to single-use AAs – a valuable feature for anyone who wants to minimize interruptions. 

On top of that, rechargeable AA batteries don’t suddenly run out of charge and then fail like alkalines; performance will slow down as they reach the end of their charge, alerting the user that it’s time to install a new pair. Once alkaline AA batteries get close to the end of their charge, there’s only a limited amount of time before they run out completely. Rechargeable batteries with a low charge give users time to reach a reasonable stopping point, rather than failing without warning.

They’re more convenient

Pretty much everyone has had the experience of needing just one more single-use battery, but not being able to find one. This can be especially frustrating for someone who’s in the middle of a high-stakes game; that certainly isn’t the best time to discover that they’re out of batteries.

Rechargeable AA batteries, on the other hand, will always be available as long as you have a spare pair charged and ready to go. The switch could take just a few seconds, and you’ll never have to start a game and realize that you might not be able to get as far as you’d hoped.



If convenience is such a priority, why not just choose the Play & Charge Kit? This also offers rechargeable capabilities, but it also requires gamers to plug their Xbox controllers in to charge from time to time, usually as they play. This isn’t an issue for some people, but for others, a wireless gaming experience is non-negotiable. For those who want a completely wireless experience, rechargeable AA batteries would be the best choice for their Xbox controllers.