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Better State Laws Could Lead to More Battery Recycling

Posted by Tom Bishop on

One of the reasons we started Pale Blue Earth was to offer customers an alternative to disposable alkaline batteries. Our goal was, and still is, to reduce the total number of alkaline batteries thrown into...

Reuse, Repurpose, and Recycle: It is All Good

Posted by Tom Bishop on

The global drive for sustainability has ultimately led to a better understanding of how each of us can reduce waste. Reducing waste is just one piece of the sustainability puzzle. The three easiest ways to...

Are Batteries on Your 2021 Christmas Shopping List?

Posted by Tom Bishop on

It is that time of year again. With fall at its midway point and Thanksgiving fast approaching, it's time to start thinking about Christmas shopping once again. In light of that, we have a very...

Why You Should Ignore Battery Recharging Hacks Found Online

Posted by Tom Bishop on

Got some time to kill? Try doing an internet search on recharging batteries without a charger. You will find lots of hacks from unknown sources who may, or may not, be battery experts. Note that...

What If Your Concrete Office Building Were a Giant Battery?

Posted by Tom Bishop on

We get a charge (no pun intended) out of reading about ongoing battery research. We love batteries, particularly lithium-ion rechargeables. It is why we started Pale Blue Earth to begin with. At any rate, there...

A World Without Batteries Is Almost Unimaginable

Posted by Tom Bishop on

Italy's Alessandro Volta is largely credited with inventing the first modern battery in 1800. His voltaic pile was an electrochemical battery utilizing copper, zinc, and brine-soaked paper. The lessons he learned developing the battery laid...

We are Allowd to Throw Alkaline Batteries Away – But Should We?

Posted by Tom Bishop on

Now that single-use alkaline batteries no longer contain chemicals deemed harmful to the environment, the EPA considers them safe for landfills. (note: California classifies alkaline batteries as hazardous waste). That means we can throw away...

The Great American Junk Drawer: What's in Yours?

Posted by Tom Bishop on
Just about every American household has one, some have two. It is bigger in some houses than others, and some are fuller than others. Of course, we are referring to the Great American junk drawer.

Rechargeable Batteries and the Minimalist Lifestyle

Posted by Tom Bishop on
Our hats are off to those who choose to live minimally. Whether you are new to minimalism, or you have been at it a while, do not forget that your choice of batteries matters.