Ditching Disposables: A Mindset, Not Just an Action

old disposable batteries

One of the marketing taglines we associate with our brand is 'ditch disposables'. But for us, the concept is more than just a clever statement to sell batteries. It is actually a foundational part of what makes us the company we are. You see, ditching disposals isn't just a one-time action. We see it as a mindset.


It goes without saying that we live in a terribly disposable world. If something broke in days past, we would figure out how to fix it. Today most people just toss it away and buy something new. We even throw away things that are in perfectly good shape simply because we get bored with them. We get it, but then again, we don’t. In any case, disposable batteries are different.


Disposable Batteries


When a disposable battery reaches full discharge, it no longer has a useful purpose. So into the trash it goes (we hope you recycle, but most batteries don’t get recycled unfortunately). The idea of ditching disposals is to never buy them to begin with. Buy a better battery that can be recharged once it's fully discharged. Buy one that can be charged 1000+ times and you will avoid throwing away tons of disposable batteries.


So, what is this mindset thing? It is all about finding new and better ways to do things. Disposable alkaline batteries were the obvious choice when they were the only gig in town. You could make the case they were even better than first generation rechargeable batteries. But thanks to advancements in lithium-ion technology, it is hard to make the case that disposable alkaline batteries are still better.


Remember to Charge


The-ditch-disposables mindset requires rethinking how you use batteries. For instance, you need to remember to charge dead batteries. We make it easy by building charging circuitry right into ours that allows the batteries to charge fast and conveniently while maintaining the health and reliability of the battery. A standard Paleblue Earth USB-C battery can be charged using any USB port or charging station. Best of all, our batteries charge very quickly, with AA and AAA.


If you are thinking that remembering to charge your batteries is too much of a hassle, consider the fact that you now need to constantly check your disposable battery supply to make sure you have enough. If you ever run out, you cannot simply throw two batteries on a charger. You may need to head to the store or hop online to order more.


Rechargeable Batteries Are Better for the Planet


Our mindset is also one of doing things in ways that are better for the planet. That is really the core of the ditch-disposables message. We don't have to keep doing things as they have always been done, and unnecessarily using more resources as a result. There are better ways to do things, ways that are better for the world we live in.


You can charge a typical Paleblue lithium-ion battery at least 1,000 times. That means for every Paleblue battery you invest in you will not have to buy as many as 999 alkaline batteries. All those alkaline batteries will not be going into a landfill, a lot of packaging waste will be avoided, and you will save time and money. Manufacturers will not be utilizing resources to manufacture what you aren't going to buy. It is a win-win all the way around.


Keep Up the Good Work


If you have already made the choice to ditch disposables, thank you for doing so. Now keep up the good work by extending the ditch-disposables mentality to other areas of your life. Look for ways you can reduce waste. Do what you can to reduce resource consumption. Every little bit helps.


Ditching disposals isn't just a one-time action. It is a mindset that sees the world as somewhat fragile and in need of a bit more care. We are doing our part by providing a superior battery more than capable of replacing disposable products.