We Really Do Want You to Buy Fewer Batteries

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How often do you do business with companies that want you to buy fewer products? The whole idea seems absurd. Companies want you to buy as much as possible so as to boost their revenues and profits. Well, here at Paleblue, we are different. We really do want you to buy fewer batteries.


Global battery manufacturing requires a tremendous volume of natural resources. Between the chemical components in a battery and the energy consumed by the manufacturing process, we take a lot from our environment to produce these things, most of which does not get recycled.. What if we could produce fewer but not have to give up everything that we love about battery power? We can. Paleblue Earth has figured it out.


USB-C Rechargeable Batteries


Our company was founded on a number of sustainability principles, among them being our belief that continuing to throw alkaline batteries into landfills is simply wasteful. The resources consumed to make the batteries go right into the landfill with them and most people are still using single-use batteries.


USB-C rechargeable batteries are different. They offer just as much power as their disposable counterparts, provide great voltage performance, and charge fast and conveniently. But here is where the rubber meets the road: a single lithium-ion battery can be charged 1,000 times or more. If that doesn't have sustainability written all over it, we don't know what does.


Here's what you get with USB-C rechargeable batteries, above and beyond the ability to ditch disposals:


Financial Savings


Even though you pay more for lithium-ion rechargeable batteries at the cash register, you ultimately end up spending less over time because you can recharge the batteries when they die.




USB-C batteries do not require a separate charger. All you need is the included USB cable and a port to plug in to. That makes for a more convenient experience.


Excellent Performance


Other types of rechargeable batteries do not always compete with disposables in terms of performance. That's not a problem with lithium-ion batteries. They offer excellent performance for most applications (*always check the recommendations of the product manufacture about what batteries they recommend).


Once you dig into the details of lithium-ion USB-C rechargeable batteries, you realize that there really is rarely a valid reason to keep buying disposable alkaline cells. Alkaline batteries represent money, waste, and packaging tossed needlessly into a landfill. We do not want you to spend that money. We want you to buy fewer batteries by ditching the disposables and investing in lithium-ion replacements.


We'll Be Just Fine


You may be concerned that the idea of buying fewer batteries is counterproductive to our business. No worries. We'll be fine. We know this because, just here in the U.S. alone, we collectively throw away some ten million disposal batteries daily. If we replaced just one week's worth with our rechargeable USB-C batteries, Paleblue would be in very good shape and working on future innovations to make things even better.


We are not concerned about eventually putting ourselves out of business, we’ll just go on to solve other problems for our customers.


Yes, we ultimately want you to buy fewer batteries. Our goal for you is that you would ultimately ditch disposables completely. That you would use up what you have and then never buy disposables again. In the meantime, getting your hands on some of our batteries fills the void left by ditching disposables. You win, we win, and the planet wins. This is what it is all about.