Why We Want You to Buy Fewer Batteries

single AA battery

Paleblue Earth is a company built on the premise of consumers buying fewer batteries. In fact, you buying fewer batteries is a stated goal proudly displayed on our website. Even though this might sound contrary to sound business principles, it makes perfect sense to us in light of our goals as a battery supplier.

Our company is among a growing number of companies that have come to realize that business has a responsibility to society at-large. Yes, we do exist to make money and earn a living. We need to eat just like you do. But we also understand that there are ways to conduct business ethically and responsibly while still paying our bills.

Too Much Waste

We encourage you to visit the 'Responsibility' page of our site as it explains our five steps to a more sustainable future. The first step on that list involves reducing waste. From our perspective, there is far too much waste in the modern world. Batteries are a big part of it.

American consumers throw away millions of disposable batteries every day. Consider how many batteries that must be on a global scale. Billions of alkaline batteries tossed into landfills are neither good for the planet nor fiscally responsible. That is why we came up with USB rechargeable batteries designed around lithium-ion technology.

Paleblue Earth batteries can be recharged 1,000 times or more. Imagine how many batteries you would keep from landfills if you ditched your disposables and went with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries instead. Imagine how few batteries you would have to buy if you got 1,000 charges for every disposable battery you throw away.

Giving Mother Nature a Hand

Keeping batteries out of landfills is an honorable goal well worth pursuing. But it doesn't stop there. We want you to buy fewer batteries because doing so will give Mother Nature a hand. That is the least we can do given how much we benefit from nature.

Keeping batteries out of landfills preserves landfill space for more important things. It also prevents battery chemicals from leaching into the soil as individual units break down. Reducing battery waste simultaneously reduces our need to take from the earth those chemicals and elements required to produce batteries.

Going one step further, consumers purchasing fewer batteries leads to manufacturers making fewer units. That means less energy consumption, fewer pollutants in the air, fewer natural resources taken from the environment, and on and on.

Less Really Is More

Battery consumption is one area in which less truly is more. The fewer batteries we all purchase and consume, the more we can help promote goals of sustainability and environmental protection. We see it as part of our responsibility at Paleblue.

So yes, we really do want you to buy fewer batteries. But that does not mean we want you to suffer for doing so. There is no need to suffer when you replace your disposable batteries with our rechargeable smart batteries.

Smart Tech Built In

Lithium-ion batteries represent state-of-the-art technology. Our batteries are smart in the sense that they are constructed with an on-board microchip and sensor that regulate charging and discharging. This makes for fast charges and no worries about overcharging. Lithium-ion discharges at a fairly steady rate, so you always have enough power to run your devices.

We want you to buy fewer batteries because your USB rechargeables work so well. If you are interested in spending less in the long term and reducing waste, we invite you to give our products a try. We think you will quickly become a fan.