Top 10 Best Uses for Rechargeable Batteries

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You would probably not be surprised to learn that we are big fans of rechargeable batteries. Making and selling rechargeable batteries is what we do. But what about you? Are you as big a fan as we are? We hope so because ditching disposables is good for all of us.

In the spirit of helping you better understand why our products are better than disposables, we have come up with a top 10 list of best uses for rechargeable batteries. If you have any of these devices in your home, you have choices in how to power them. We hope you will make the rechargeable choice.

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10. Smart Door Locks

AA rechargeable batteries are ideal for smart door locks because they provide long-lasting power at a minimal long-term cost. And when the batteries do run out, you do not have to drive to the pharmacy to pick up new ones. Modern lithium-ion batteries charge quickly.

9. Other Smart Devices

Smart locks are not the only smart home devices you can power with rechargeable batteries. Virtually any smart device that runs on battery power is a candidate. Your smart home hub represents a good starting point.

8. Electric Toothbrushes

The nature of how electric toothbrushes draw power causes them to eat disposable batteries as quickly as your dog eats treats. Go with USB rechargeable batteries instead and you will find you will not be spending nearly as much money over the life of your toothbrush. And yes, your toothbrush will work just as well.

7. Smoke Detectors

We all know that smoke detectors save lives. We also know that fire departments recommend changing smoke detector batteries twice annually. Your best bet is to swap out a disposable with a rechargeable battery. Next time there will be nothing to throw away. Just swap and recharge.

6. Remote Controls

How many of us spend a small fortune on disposable batteries for our remote controls? No need to raise hands, we all know who we are. We can keep a ton of disposable batteries out of landfills by powering all remote controls with rechargeable batteries instead.

5. Children's Toys

You know how quickly kids hooked on their favorite toys can go through disposable batteries. As long as you are going to have battery-operated toys in the house, you might just as well feed them with rechargeable batteries that you can get 1,000 or more charges out of.

4. Sporting Goods

Everything from golf course rangefinders to bike lights run just fine on rechargeable batteries. Take a freshly charged battery on your way out the door and you will be able to enjoy your favorite sports with confidence that you will not run out of power.

3. Digital Cameras

Digital cameras used to run better on disposable batteries. That is no longer the case. Thanks to lithium-ion technology, rechargeable batteries now work just as well and last just as long. Any avid photographer will save a ton by going rechargeable.

2. Portable Radios

Even in the internet age, portable radios are still a thing. They are great to have around when the power gets knocked out by a storm. Rechargeable batteries work well with portable radios because you can charge them in advance of a coming storm rather than having to run out to buy disposable batteries.

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1. Flashlights

Last but not least are flashlights, one of the biggest consumers of battery energy outside of the cell phone. Whether you are a regular camper or you just keep a flashlight around the house for emergencies, rechargeable batteries offer plenty of power without the waste of disposable batteries.