Why Not Make Batteries the Gift This Year?

holiday gifts

Not to rush things, but a lot of us will begin our holiday shopping within the next few weeks. We will do what we do every year: rack our brains trying to find that perfect gift for a special someone. Here's an idea: why not make batteries the gift this year?

You might be planning to buy some battery-powered toys or electronics for the kids or just aiming to make your household less reliant on single use anything. Electronics might be on your list of gifts for adult family members and friends as well. All those devices will need batteries, right? So, skip the devices and go straight to USB-C rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

Chances are that anyone you plan to give a gift to already uses and needs batteries regularly. And if they are like most people, they are using disposable alkaline batteries. Giving them USB-C rechargeables can help them break the cycle that sees hundreds of millions of alkaline batteries sent to landfills every year.

A More Sustainable Gift

We can think of a lot of reasons to give rechargeable batteries as gifts. Right off the top, a rechargeable lithium-ion battery is a more sustainable gift. Lithium-ion batteries can be recharged 1000+ times. So every battery you gift means 999 fewer batteries that need to be produced, sold, used, and ultimately thrown away.

On top of that, lithium-ion batteries can be effectively recycled. Chances are that there are multiple drop off locations very near to where you live. All sorts of big box retailers and local stores have signed on to be battery collection sites. All you need to do is take your old batteries and drop them off. If you would like to find a collection site near you, check out the Call2Recycle website. You can search by zip code.

A Gift That Keeps on Giving

You are probably familiar with all those old jokes about gifts that keep on giving. When it comes to USB-C lithium-ion batteries, it's no joke. Whether you give AA, AAA, or any other type of Paleblue rechargeable battery, or consider one of our bundles you are giving batteries that just keeps producing time and again. For purposes of illustration, let's do some simple math.

If you were to recharge a set of our lithium-ion batteries once per day, every day of the year, you would get nearly three years out of that set. You might even get slightly more than three years depending on battery quality and how the cells are used. Now, compare that to the number of single-use batteries you would have to purchase to make it for the same amount of time.

A Gift That Educates

Best of all, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries make a gift that educates. How so? First of all, they can teach your family members and friends that there is a better alternative to single-use batteries. Recipients can learn that lesson without you ever saying a thing. But if you combine the gift with a brief explanation of how many single-use batteries are discarded every year, you are also introducing your loved ones to a way they can contribute to sustainability and environmental protection.

The truth is that people are not looking to harm the environment by using alkaline batteries. They aren't purposely trying to cause problems. It is just that there hasn’t’ been a great alternative until now so left without good options, people just don't think about the environmental impact disposal alkaline batteries have on the planet. You giving the gift of USB-C rechargeable lithium-ion batteries represents an opportunity to make your loved ones aware.

This Christmas, why not make batteries the gift? We think your friends and family will thank you.