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Why Experts Recommend Never Mixing Batteries

Perhaps you've read articles in which experts recommend always using batteries of the same type, brand, and age. Those same experts warn against mixing batteries.

Active and Passive Battery Balancing: What's the Difference?

You don't have to worry about battery balancing when you're using disposable alkaline batteries, either. But why use disposables when rechargeable lithium-ion batteries work just as well and, over the long-term save money?

Disposable Batteries: Like So Many Coins in a Jar

Believe it or not, disposable alkaline batteries were the primary impetus for starting Pale Blue Earth. Our company founders were shocked to learn just how many disposable batteries are being used and thrown into landfills.

The Future of Rechargeable Consumer Products

We recently heard some skepticism about the timing of our reinvention of the rechargeable battery. It went something like, ‘it is bad timing for Pale Blue to create a solution just as the world is integrating batteries into products.’

Sustainability and Competitiveness Don't Have to Be at Odds

In the modern drive to create a more sustainable world, we see manufacturers coming out with all sorts of products intended to target a particular audience. When those products fail, it is often because they don't compete well.

In a More Sustainable World the Little Things Add Up

You might look at replacing your disposable batteries with USB rechargeable batteries from Pale Blue Earth as contributing very little to the grand scheme of things. We agree, to a point. If the only means of achieving sustainability were buying our batteries, sustainability would be a fleeting dream at best.

The Phone With The Alkaline Battery – It Was Real

We take our cell phones for granted. We plug them in before bed, then wake with the expectation of having a fully charged phone ready to go. It's all made possible by lithium-ion technology.

Why Alkaline Batteries Are Prone to Leaking

Given the fact that alkaline batteries can leak, lithium-ion batteries are often a better choice. 

You Can Recharge Alkaline Batteries But Should You?

Internal off gassing, made worse by heat, creates pressure that can breach battery seals. Therefore, the risk of leakage is an even bigger risk when recharging