Batteries Prove That Changing Our Thoughts Can Change the World

hands holding earth


If there were something you could do to change the world, would you do it? Before you answer, be aware that this is a trick question. It is a trick question in the sense that there are already things we can all do to change the world. None of us has to go with the flow and let circumstances dictate the future. Our business and batteries demonstrate that change is possible.


Paleblue Earth batteries are lithium-ion batteries with smart technology built-in. They are recharged with a USB cable that can be plugged into any USB port. They represent a different way of thinking about battery power. They represent a superior alternative to single-use alkaline batteries which require disposal after just one use.


One of our goals is to significantly reduce the number of alkaline batteries sold and disposed of around the world by giving people a viable alternative. Slowly but surely, we are changing the way people think about battery power. One thought leads to another and, before you know it, things end up being drastically different.


Eliminating Unnecessary Waste


It is our belief that there are three areas of thought the world can address in order to affect real, lasting change. The first relates to waste. In most of the world, too much unnecessary waste is produced on a daily basis. We have become so adept at producing ever better cheap consumer goods that we would rather throw things away than find ways to reuse and recycle.


We don't have to do things this way. We can change the way we think about waste, then actually do something about it. We can all choose to recycle and reuse whenever possible. We can all choose to stop using single-use items. If the entire world changed its collective mind about waste, we could seriously reduce the amount we produce.


Utilizing What Nature Provides


The second area of thought revolves around nature itself. Humanity has a bad habit of trying to overcome nature rather than working with it. Doing so generates waste, creates sustainability problems, and causes environmental harm. What makes it so frustrating is that trying to overcome nature is so unnecessary most of the time.


The entire green energy industry is built on the concept of utilizing what nature provides. Green power represents a new way of thinking. It represents a willingness to tap into sunlight, wind, moving water, and geothermal energy to power modern life.


Perhaps green energy isn't yet ready to replace fossil fuels completely. But it never will be if we do not change the way we think about energy production and consumption. We have to change our thought patterns before we can change how we generate power.


Putting Technology to Work


A third area of thought revolves around technology. Modern society loves technology because it increases convenience and reduces costs. Neither of those things is bad. However, why not change our thinking to include using technology to make the world a better place for everyone? Technology shouldn't be just for those who can afford it.


In fairness, there are a lot of companies that have chosen to work with the public sector to advance technology for the common good. There are other companies that share our vision of advancing technology to help create a more sustainable planet. So the ball is already rolling in that direction. We just need to keep it rolling so that it picks up momentum.


Changing thought patterns can change the world. Our customers choices to move from alkalines to USB rechargeable batteries demonstrates that positive change is possible. We look forward to seeing more innovation and consumer mindset changes to make real change in our future.