Batteries Are Just One Piece in the Sustainability Puzzle

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Paleblue is more than just another battery company. No doubt our technologically advanced USB rechargeable batteries are a reflection of our innovative approach to making positive change. Our company was established on a vision that goes way beyond just selling batteries. We consider ourselves an unequivocally pro-sustainable company ready and willing to do our part to guarantee a sustainable future.


As a consumer, we encourage you not to fall into the trap of believing there is nothing you can do to help the world move closer toward full sustainability. Don't believe that you are just one person whose contributions don't make a difference. It's not true. We can all make a difference. Our batteries are just one piece in a very large sustainability puzzle that requires effort from each and every person.


Eliminating Alkaline Batteries


One of our company's stated goals is to work as hard as we can to eliminate alkaline batteries. If that goal is ever achieved, there will be a day when alkaline batteries are no longer manufactured or sold or disposed of. Lithium-ion batteries – or a better technology, when it exists – will rule the day. What will that mean for sustainability?


First of all, it will mean far fewer batteries thrown into landfills every year. Remember that one of our lithium-ion batteries can be recharged 1000+ times. Every Paleblue battery purchased represents 999 alkaline batteries that don't have to be purchased or disposed of. Imagine how much battery waste the world could eliminate if we had the courage to sunset alkaline batteries.


Eliminating one alkaline battery from the waste stream doesn't do much to help the landfill problem. But what if every person who normally buys alkaline batteries switched to USB rechargeable lithium-ion batteries? Tens of millions of alkaline batteries would never make it to landfills just in the first year alone. Over a lifetime, this is a tremendous number of batteries that never get thrown away.


Little Things Add Up


When it comes to sustainability, the only way we are going to achieve it in its fullest sense is to concentrate on all those little things that add up. Sustainability is like completing a puzzle. You start with the pieces that make up the frame. Once the frame is complete, you begin filling it in with the rest of the pieces.


A sizable puzzle takes time to complete. The biggest puzzles can take weeks, if not months. But you make steady progress by putting one piece in here and another there. Eventually you get the job done. It takes perseverance and patience and dedication. It takes a willingness to keep at it even when you don't want to. But in the end, putting in that last puzzle piece makes all the effort worth it.


A Better-Looking Future


In keeping with the puzzle example, remember what it's like to place the last piece of a complicated puzzle that has taken you weeks to finish. You sit at the table, gazing at the beautiful picture before you. You admire the vibrant colors and intricate details of the image. Looking at it gives you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.


Now imagine a fully sustainable future the same way. It is a better-looking future where the planet is greener, waste is reduced, water is cleaner, and fossil fuels are a thing of the past. Right now, it may seem like a puzzle too complicated to finish. But it's not and we believe we just need to keep taking it step by step, piece by piece.


Our lithium batteries will never lead to a fully sustainable future on their own. They are just one piece of a much larger puzzle. If we all contribute the pieces we have within reach and search for better ways and opportunities to create impact, we will eventually complete the puzzle.