Spring Is the Perfect Season for USB-C Rechargeable Batteries

Spring Is the Perfect Season for USB-C Rechargeable Batteries

As this post is being written, there is only one more week of winter remaining. Spring is on the doorstep. And for those of us at Pale Blue Earth, it is time to get ready for the annual sales bump that comes this time of year. It seems like spring is the perfect season for our USB-C rechargeable batteries.

Our customers take their USB-C rechargeable batteries with them whenever they leave the house. Our batteries are designed to provide long life and reliable service even when users are on the go. And this time of year, being on the go is what life is all about. It's time to get out of the house. It is time to go explore, to go do things that were put on hold last fall.

So, what types of devices can you use our batteries in? Literally anything that normally runs on alkaline, NiCad, or NiMH batteries. Below are just a few suggestions based on what people in the Salt Lake City region do when they get outside.

Your Action Cam

Maybe you are the type of person who appreciates a good hike along your favorite mountain trail. You always take your action cam with you when you go, knowing there will be plenty to see and experience. So much that you're likely to miss a few things along the way. But that's why you have the camera.

Charge your USB-C batteries the night before and you will be good to go in the morning. Load them up and hit the trail. Then watch the footage when you get home at the end of the day. You might be surprised by how much you missed while you were out there. Thanks to your camera and our batteries, you caught everything on video.

Your Range Finder

Spring is the season that beckons golfers cooped up at home all winter long. If that's you, be sure to have at least one set of USB-C rechargeable batteries for your range finder. Remember that you committed in the fall to improving your game this spring. The time has now arrived. One of the keys to playing better is having better information. So you don't want to be without a working range finder.

Your Portable Music Player

Not everybody uses a cell phone to play music on the go. A lot of us have dedicated portable music players that provide hours of entertainment without putting extra stress on our phones. If you have one, and it runs on removable batteries, be sure to power it with Pale Blue Earth cells. You'll enjoy hours of music whether you are riding your bike, walking around downtown, or enjoying a day in the park.

Your Wireless Hand Tools

Spring is also the season for getting outside and handling those exterior maintenance projects. If you are like most of us, you have at least a few wireless hand tools. Maybe it's a screwdriver powered by two AA batteries. Perhaps you have a handheld amp meter that needs a 9V battery. Whatever the case, our USB-C rechargeable batteries are your best option for all those hand tools.

We have no idea what your plans are for spring. But we're guessing you want to get out of the house and go do some things. Have at it. Go enjoy yourself by doing whatever makes you happy. Just be sure to keep an ample supply of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries so that you always have the juice. And remember this one thing: alkaline batteries are single-use products. Our batteries can be charged 1000+ times.