How to Incentivize Yourself to Use USB-C Rechargeable Batteries

How to Incentivize Yourself to Use USB-C Rechargeable Batteries - Rechargeable USB-C Battery

We appreciate the fact that so many others agree with our mission to help people to stop buying single-use alkaline batteries. Yet when push comes to shove, it is still super easy to pick up a couple of packs of alkaline batteries while standing in the grocery store checkout line. It can be tough to make that decision to invest in rechargeable batteries when alkaline batteries are so cheap.

We would like to offer you a suggestion to incentivize yourself to use USB-C rechargeable batteries in all your electronic devices. The good news is that our suggestion is based on one of the reasons you sometimes reach for alkaline batteries: money (we’ll save convenience and habit for another day)

Sure, alkaline batteries cost less per-piece at the cash register, but over time they ultimately end up costing you more. How much more depends on how frequently you use batteries. Below is a hypothetical economic scenario, followed by our suggestion for incentivizing yourself.

A Hypothetical Scenario

Our hypothetical scenario involves buying one 4-pack of AA batteries every two months. Each pack costs you $5.00. You will spend a total of $30 over the course of a year. What will you get? You'll get 30 batteries with one charge each, or 30 charges in total.

Now, buy a single 4-pack of USB-C rechargeable AA batteries at a retail cost of $30. You will spend the same amount of money. However, you are getting 1,000+ charges instead of a mere 30. After your first year, you will save yourself $30 per year. Take care of those USB-C rechargeable batteries and they will last you for years and years, saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

How to Incentivize Yourself

With this scenario in mind, let us talk about incentivizing yourself to make the switch. Here's what we suggest: calculating how much money you normally spend on alkaline batteries, then putting that money into a savings account – because you've already replaced your alkaline batteries with USB rechargeables.

Using the same example, you are going to spend $30 on a single pack of USB-C AA rechargeable batteries. Were you still using alkaline batteries, you would have to buy a new pack every other month. So every other month, take that $5.00 you would have spent on alkaline batteries and put it in the bank. Continue doing so until your USB-C batteries finally die. Here's betting you'll have a lot more than the $30 it takes to replace them.

Take the $30 out of the bank to purchase a new pack of rechargeable batteries. Then take the rest of the money and reward yourself for your good behavior. Take you and your significant other out for a fancy dinner. Apply the money toward a trip you've always wanted to take. Pay down those student loans perhaps.

You Really Will Save Money

It is hard for most people to picture just how much money they can save by using rechargeable batteries instead of alkaline cells. We have been at this a while. We can tell you this with confidence: you really can save a lot of money by making the switch. The only possible exception to this rule is minimal battery use. If you are only buying a single pack of batteries once per year, your savings will probably be minimal. But there are other reasons to choose lithium-ion rechargeables over single-use alkalines.

If you are like most of us though, you use far more than one pack of batteries per year. Reward yourself financially for making the switch to USB-C rechargeable batteries. There is nothing wrong with a financial incentive. If it helps you make an investment with a good ROI or to reduce your environmental impact, it’s a good move.