All Those New Electronics Means Millions of New Batteries

old Li-Ion batteries

One of the most anticipated tradeshows of all is the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in Las Vegas. The 2023 show just closed, and it did not disappoint. A big take-away for us every year is the fact that all those new electronics means millions of new batteries to power them.

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA), the organization responsible for putting on the annual CES, estimates retailers will sell in the neighborhood of $485 billion worth of new electronics in 2023. That is down from $512 billion in 2021. Still, the numbers are beyond impressive.

Meanwhile, ever more products require battery power as manufacturers continue producing powered products to keep up with consumer demand.

What’s New at the CES

Every year at CES there are truckloads of gadgets that make it to the show but never to market. There are also plenty of electronics that launch from the CES to become superstars in the market.

Here are some of the stranger devices seen at this year's show:

The Digital Spoon

The digital spoon is an electronic device for people who, for one reason or another, have lost some of their ability to taste. It utilizes an electronic current to stimulate the taste buds.

The Canine Fitness Tracker

Believe it or not, the world is on now the verge of having access to highly advanced canine fitness trackers. This wearable for your pooch might be just what you've been looking for to ensure Rover stays in good health.

The Misting Neckband

Have you seen those small, portable fans you wear around the neck? Well, there is now a new kid in town: the misting neckband. Wear this battery-powered device around your neck and it will delight you with a combination of cool mist and lovely smells.

The Portable Turntable

Whether you are an older person who misses the days of vinyl records or a young audiophile who appreciates the older technology, one of this year's CES vendors was pitching a portable turntable capable of playing records anywhere. But are you really going to carry your old records around?

Please Make Wise Battery Choices

With thousands of exhibitors plying their wares at the 2023 CES, we could fill hundreds of blog posts with discussions of all the latest gadgets, many (most?) of which require battery power.

If you believe as much in sustainability and environmental responsibility as we do, we encourage you to make wise battery choices this year.

Nearly all the electronic gadgets you purchase in 2023 will be powered by batteries. You are going to have a choice between alkalines, NiCads, NiMH, and lithium-ion batteries. Whenever possible, we hope you will make the li-ion choice.

Remember that Paleblue Earth sells USB-C rechargeable batteries built on lithium-ion technology. Our state-of-the-art batteries give you all the performance you would expect from an alkaline cell (with better voltage performance) in a battery that can be recharged 1000+ times.

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