Exploring the Amazon with ARCC & Ethan Duvall

Exploring the Amazon with ARCC & Ethan Duvall

At Paleblue, we are proud to support the vital work of the Amazon Research & Conservation Collaborative (ARCC), led by the dedicated ecologist and conservationist, Ethan Duvall. ARCC's mission is to conduct interdisciplinary research that addresses the unprecedented loss of biodiversity and cultural integrity in the Amazon Rainforest. Through this collaboration, we aim to enhance conservation efforts and promote sustainable practices.

The ARCC Mission

Ethan Duvall, the founder of ARCC, has been deeply passionate about the Amazon Rainforest since childhood. Raised in the Cascade Mountains of Washington State, Ethan's commitment to conservation has led him to the heart of the Amazon, where he works alongside local communities to protect this vital ecosystem. The ARCC focuses on collecting critical baseline data, supporting sustainable ecotourism initiatives, and communicating essential conservation messages.

The Remote Waorani Community of Bameno

One of ARCC's key areas of focus is the remote Waorani community of Bameno. This community is deeply intertwined with the rainforest, relying on its resources for their daily lives. ARCC's work in Bameno involves close collaboration with the Waorani people, ensuring that conservation efforts are rooted in local knowledge and practices. This approach not only helps preserve the rainforest but also empowers the community to protect their cultural heritage.

Paleblue's Role in Conservation

In the field, ARCC relies heavily on equipment such as cameras, microphones, GPS units, and camera traps to conduct their research. These devices require a reliable power source, and this is where Paleblue batteries come into play. By using our rechargeable batteries, ARCC reduces the number of heavy single-use batteries that need to be transported into the rainforest. This not only eases the logistical burden but also minimizes the waste introduced into these pristine environments.

Sustainable Solutions for Remote Regions

The Amazon Rainforest's remote regions present unique challenges for conservationists. There are few places to purchase single-use batteries and even fewer options for their sustainable disposal. Paleblue's rechargeable batteries provide a practical solution, ensuring that ARCC's field equipment remains operational without the environmental impact of disposable batteries.

Learn More

We invite you to learn more about ARCC and Paleblue's commitment to sustainability. Together, we can support the crucial work of protecting the Amazon Rainforest and its incredible biodiversity. Visit rainforest-arcc.org and paleblueearth.com to find out how you can get involved and make a difference.

By partnering with organizations like ARCC, Paleblue continues to uphold its dedication to creating sustainable, innovative solutions that benefit both people and the planet. Join us in supporting these efforts and ensuring a brighter, greener future for all.