Weber River Cleanup 2023: A Recap

Weber River Cleanup 2023: A Recap

On September 16th, Paleblue was honored to support the annual Fish For Garbage Weber River Clean Up, an event that once again showcased the strength of community collaboration and proactive environmental action.

Key Metrics from the Day:

  • Volunteers: 200
  • Total Garbage Collected: 3,080 pounds

This substantial cleanup effort underscores the collective commitment of our community to safeguard the Weber River, ensuring its health and vitality for years to come.

We extend our appreciation to the Utah chapter of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers for providing a nourishing BBQ lunch for our hardworking volunteers. Additionally, a nod to Uinta Brewery for their refreshments that kept everyone hydrated throughout the event.

The enthusiasm and dedication showcased by each volunteer, partner, and sponsor were instrumental in the day's success.

At Paleblue, we are dedicated to supporting sustainable initiatives and efforts that foster community collaboration. We eagerly anticipate next year's cleanups and remain committed to doing our part in preserving our region's natural resources.