Why You Should Ignore Battery Recharging Hacks Found Online

rechargeable batteries charging

Got some time to kill? Try doing an internet search on recharging batteries without a charger. You will find lots of hacks from unknown sources who may, or may not, be battery experts. Note that we suggest this only for entertainment purposes. By no means should you try any of the hacks. In fact, you are better off ignoring them.


By their very definition, hacks are workarounds. They are alternatives to the normal ways of doing things. Hacks might be fine for turning recycled paper products into artwork, but they are wholly inappropriate when you're dealing with something as dangerous as batteries. You should only recharge batteries according to manufacturer's instructions.


3 Hacks to Avoid:


For illustrative purposes only, we discuss three commonly offered recharging hacks below. All three are intended to recharge batteries when no charger is available. Keep in mind that Paleblue Earth USB rechargeable batteries do not need a charger anyway. You can charge them using any standard USB port and the cable we provide.


Charge with Other Batteries


This first hack is allegedly a way to charge a cell phone battery. Again, we are simply reporting; we do not endorse it. The hack is to use other batteries, like a couple of AAA cells, connected together in a series. Once connected, they can then be connected to the cell phone battery by way of its positive and negative terminals. Electricity will allegedly flow from the AAA batteries into the phone battery.


Charge with Lemon Juice


Hackers claim that you can recharge batteries by submerging them in lemon juice for a couple of hours. The acidic nature of the juice allegedly causes a chemical reaction that induces the ions inside the battery to move from the positive end to the negative, thus recharging. However, we strongly recommend that you DO NOT TRY THIS. It probably doesn't work. And even if it did, submerging lithium-ion batteries in any liquid would destroy them.


Rub the Battery


This final hack (if it works) doesn't really recharge a dead battery. It only heats it up. The hack suggests that you take the battery in question and rub it between your hands vigorously for a minute or more. The idea is to generate heat. By doing so, you are supposed to be able to get every last drop of energy out of the battery. Good luck with that.


Do Things the Right Way


Hopefully, you've figured out that battery recharging hacks are not worth your time and effort. Some of the suggested hacks, like the first two on this list, are not even safe. They are especially dangerous for lithium-ion batteries. Take our word for it, lithium-ion products should never be taken lightly.


If you consistently find yourself having to recharge batteries in the absence of a charger, a better solution is to invest in batteries that don't require a separate charger. That brings us back to USB rechargeable batteries from Paleblue Earth.


Our batteries have the required charging technology built in, with each battery having a battery management system “BMS.”. In essence, each battery has its own built-in charging station that manages the battery charging for optimal speed and battery health as well as the discharge and use for safety management. All you need to do to charge our batteries is plug them into a standard USB outlet. That's it. And these days, you can hardly go anywhere and not find USB ports nearby.


When it comes to charging batteries, there is no substitute for doing things the right way. Don't waste your time on any kind of recharging hack. The hacks that don't work are too dangerous to mess around with. If need be, you are better off waiting until you can find a charger.