Are Batteries on Your 2021 Christmas Shopping List?

rechargeable batteries on counter

It is that time of year again. With fall at its midway point and Thanksgiving fast approaching, it's time to start thinking about Christmas shopping once again. In light of that, we have a very important question: are batteries on your list for 2021? If so, we would strongly encourage you to choose USB rechargeable batteries this year.


It goes without saying that we want to sell as many rechargeable lithium-ion batteries as possible. That is how we sustain our business. But here at Paleblue Earth, our mission statement goes well beyond making a profit. We decided to get into the lithium-ion battery business in hopes of helping to reduce the number of single-use batteries purchased and disposed of every year. A good portion of those batteries are purchased during the Christmas shopping season. Next time you visit a big retail store, take note of all the extra batteries for sale during the holiday. You’re likey to see many pallet displays all lined up in addition to the normal displays and check-out displays.


Toys, Games, Electronics, Etc.


Tens of thousands of tons of batteries are bought every year to power our daily lives and the gifts we buy at Christmas. How many children's toys with flashing lights and exciting sounds are powered by batteries? How many hand-held game devices operate on AA or AAA batteries? The list of electronic devices requiring battery power seems to grow every year.


There are manufacturers beginning to understand something clearly at last. They are either building hard-wired lithium-ion batteries into their devices or recommending consumers buy lithium-ion products at the store. And yet, the demand for single-use alkaline batteries remains. That is something we would like to see change.


That electronic device you plan to buy Junior for Christmas will run equally well on USB rechargeable batteries. Chances are you do not need alkaline batteries to make it work at optimal performance. So what's the advantage in buying single-use batteries?


Cheaper in the Long Run


It seems to us that the appeal of single-use alkaline batteries is their over-the-counter price. We cannot deny the fact that consumers pay less per unit for single-use batteries. However, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries end up being cheaper in the long run. It is simple math, really.


One of our batteries can be charged 1000+ times. A 4-pack of our AAA batteries retails for just under $30. You can buy a 4-pack of single-use batteries at your local department store for about $3.00. But in order to get the same life from single-use batteries, you would have to buy a minimum of 250 packs to equal the life of one set of our USB rechargeable batteries. Now you are talking $750 as opposed to $30.


We get the fact that sticker shock prevents some people from abandoning single-use batteries in favor of USB rechargeable products. But when you sit down and do the math, the higher per-unit price you pay for lithium-ion batteries is not so shocking.


Help Us Help You


Help us help you do better this Christmas by giving rechargeable batteries a try. We offer all the most common form factors including AA, AAA, CD cell, and 9-volt. If you are planning to buy any electronic gifts this Christmas, we likely have a battery that will work with it. Remember though, always check the product manufacturer’s recommendations on what type of batteries to use.


Bear in mind that our batteries are USB rechargeable. That means you do not need a special charger independent of the batteries themselves. All you need is a USB cord (which we provide) and a port to plug it into. Charging is fast and convenient thanks to each battery having a battery management system (BMS) on it along with a USB charging port.


The Christmas shopping season is right around the corner. We wish you well as you endeavor to check every item off your list. As you shop, do not forget about USB rechargeable batteries. We hope you will choose them over there single-use counterparts.