Top 4 Benefits of Rechargeable Batteries

Top 4 Benefits of Rechargeable Batteries

We believe that rechargeable batteries are not only the wave of the future, they are the present as well. Our goal is to eventually see single-use batteries replaced entirely by rechargeables. We are doing our part by giving customers a high-quality alternative.

To that end, we recently published a blog post discussing the pros and cons of USB rechargeable batteries. It might be beneficial to our readers to expand on the pros so that they might better understand why Pale Blue Earth batteries are a better choice.

Here are the top four benefits of rechargeable batteries:

1. Fewer Purchases, Less Money Spent 

We cannot argue that USB rechargeable lithium ion batteries are more expensive at the cash register. A 4-pack of our AA batteries runs about $30.  We found a 4-pack of leading alkalines on sale for $4. But before you balk at the price difference, consider this: a single Pale Blue Earth USB rechargeable can replace up to 4,000 single-use batteries.

Now, let us do some math. A 4-pack at $4 gives you a per-battery cost of $1. You would spend $4,000 to purchase four single-use batteries at that price. Making matters worse, you end up throwing away each of those single-use batteries after they are fully discharged.

Yes, you spend more the cash register to purchase rechargeable batteries. But in the long run, you spend a lot less. The math doesn't lie. A pack of our AAs will run you about $30. The equivalent in single-use batteries would cost you thousands.

2. Rechargeables Are Environmentally Friendly

Every single-use battery represents another battery thrown in a landfill. Again, remember that a single AA can replace up to 4,000 alkaline batteries. That means you are eliminating 3,999 batteries from the landfill every time you purchase just one USB rechargeable battery. 

Also consider that fewer resources are required to manufacture fewer rechargeable batteries. Fewer resources and less energy make for a more environmentally friendly manufacturing process. 

3. Significant Weight Savings

Here's a fun fact about lithium-ion batteries most people don't know: they are up to 30% lighter than alkaline batteries. This means a couple of things. First and foremost, we can pack a whole lot more energy inside a rechargeable lithium-ion battery without having to increase size or weight. More energy in a battery means more energy for your portable music player, flashlight, etc. 

The weight savings also come into play when you use your battery-powered devices. For example, imagine your body cam weighing 30% less. You might not feel the difference when you first put it on (we think you will), but you will definitely feel it after a full day of action-packed activity. Saving 30% on the weight means you are carrying around less. 

3. Rechargeables Are More Convenient 

One of the things that is most bothersome about single-use batteries is that they are so darned inconvenient. Regular battery users have to keep running to the store to make sure they have enough batteries on hand at any given time. Moreover, that one time you forget to pick up batteries at the store is the one time you will need them most. 

USB rechargeable batteries eliminate the need for so many repeat purchases. You don't have to keep running to the store every couple of weeks. You just recharge your batteries at the end of the day. They will be ready and waiting for you next time you need them.

USB rechargeable batteries truly are superior to single-use alkaline batteries. We invite you to put us to the test. You will find Pale Blue Earth lithium ion batteries well worth the investment.