How Lithium-Ion Batteries Are Charged Wirelessly

The latest thing in lithium-ion battery charging is wireless charging. You might even have first-hand experience by way of your cell phone. You place your phone on a charging pad and, like magic, it recharges...

5 Easy Ways We Can All Contribute to Sustainability

Regular Paleblue customers know that our company was founded partly out of a desire to promote sustainability and environmental responsibility. Our company founders were concerned to learn how many disposable batteries are purchased and thrown...

Why Experts Recommend Never Mixing Batteries

Perhaps you've read articles in which experts recommend always using batteries of the same type, brand, and age. Those same experts warn against mixing batteries.

Are Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Batteries More Expensive?

We pay very close attention to what consumers think about rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. As such, we get the fact that some people avoid rechargeable batteries because they cost more at the cash register.

What Batteries Are Compatible with My Gaming Device?

Battery compatibility used to be so much easier. Back in the day when disposable alkaline batteries were the only game in town, you didn't have a whole lot of choice.

3 Reasons We Recommend Against Freezing Batteries

In the end, freezing batteries to extend their lives is an old wives’ tale. It makes for nice folklore and family tradition, but it does not really do anything for your batteries.

Sustainability and Competitiveness Don't Have to Be at Odds

In the modern drive to create a more sustainable world, we see manufacturers coming out with all sorts of products intended to target a particular audience. When those products fail, it is often because they...

In a More Sustainable World the Little Things Add Up

You might look at replacing your disposable batteries with USB rechargeable batteries from Paleblue as contributing very little to the grand scheme of things. We agree, to a point. If the only means of achieving...

CPSC: Don't Buy Loose Lithium-Ion Batteries

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has begun warning consumers to stay away from loose, non-packaged batteries being sold online. They say the batteries are dangerous due to a high risk of fire and explosion....