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3 Things That Define the Pale Blue Earth Philosophy

Think about all of the businesses you are most loyal to. What is it about them that has earned your business? 

Every Battery Eventually Dies – Here's Why

Wouldn't it be nice to buy a pack of batteries that would last your entire life? Batteries that never died would be awesome – even if that meant USB rechargeable batteries that would last eternally...

The Truth About Lithium-Ion Batteries and Sustainability

One of the more popular questions relating to lithium-ion batteries searched on Google is this: are lithium-ion batteries sustainable? It is a question people want an answer to. Unfortunately, the answer is not as straightforward...

Traveling with Rechargeable Batteries This Holiday Season

It is that time of year when we take to the highways and byways for holiday visits with family. If you plan to travel for the holidays, there is a good chance you will be...

5 Tips for Getting the Most From USB Rechargeable Batteries

We love USB rechargeable batteries. We think you should too. USB rechargeable batteries keep single-use disposal batteries out of landfills. They save resources, money and time. There are so many good reasons to go rechargeable...

Why Future EVs May Not Run on Lithium-Ion Batteries

We get excited when people make the connection between our USB rechargeable batteries and the lithium-ion batteries now being installed in electric vehicles (EVs). While there are some significant differences between the two types of...

Top 3 Reasons to Choose Rechargeable Batteries This Christmas

Single-use batteries are, by definition, disposable products. You use them once and throw them away. A rechargeable lithium-ion battery can be charged up to 1,000 times. 

Can You Overcharge a Lithium-Ion Battery?

Can You Overcharge a Lithium-Ion Battery?

Why We Want You to Buy Fewer Batteries

Pale Blue Earth is a company built on the premise of consumers buying fewer batteries. In fact, you buying fewer batteries is a stated goal proudly displayed on our website. Even though this might sound...