3 Things That Define the Paleblue Philosophy

paleblue batteries

Think about all of the businesses you are most loyal to. What is it about them that has earned your business? We asked this of ourselves when we started Paleblue. We did so because we knew we would have to give our customers a reason to be loyal to our brand. Our company philosophy had to be one that resonated with customers or we would be just another battery supplier.

USB rechargeable batteries are our business. But we are not just another battery supplier. Our company was founded on the belief that there is a better way to produce the batteries used by consumers. And by pursuing that better way, we do a better job of meeting the needs of our customers while also adhering to the core principles that make Paleblue different.

There are many characteristics that make our company different. Most of them are wrapped up in three things that define our company's philosophy.

1. Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility

Right off the top, we felt it necessary to come up with a better battery in the knowledge that hundreds of millions of alkaline batteries are thrown into landfills every year. If nothing else, our primary goal is to help solve that problem. The more we can encourage our customers to choose rechargeable batteries over single-use cells, the more we can collectively do in this regard.

For the record, our passion for environmental responsibility and sustainability goes beyond just batteries. We encourage our customers to follow the same basic principles in every area of life. We all have a responsibility to help keep the Earth as blue and green as possible. Practicing sustainability and environmental responsibility is an important first step.

2. Innovation: constantly focused on how to improve the product and customer experience

It was clear when we started Paleblue that selling single-use alkaline batteries was out of the question. But there were multiple rechargeable formats we could have chosen. We settled on lithium-ion because we believe it is better technology. Better technology leads to better quality.

NiCad and NiMH have long been the standards for rechargeable consumer batteries. They work well enough. Furthermore, we would always recommend them over alkaline batteries. But lithium-ion technology is better than both. The two biggest advantages of lithium-ion are power capacity and recharging speed.

Lithium-ion batteries hold their charge longer. Conversely, NiCad and NiMH batteries continually discharge even when not in use. And in terms of charging time, lithium-ion batteries can be charged in about an hour. NiCad and NiMH can take 4-6 hours, or longer.

3. Customer focused, in our product, service, on-line and off-line experience. Anywhere customers interact with our brand, it should be inspiring and authentic.

Finally, we believe that batteries ought to be convenient to use. After all, the power electronic devices are also designed to improve convenience. Yet there is nothing convenient about having rechargeable batteries that require a separate charger and an available wall outlet.

Our batteries are rechargeable via a standard micro-USB cable. And by the way, we chose micro-USB because it is ubiquitous technology. We are willing to bet that you have multiple micro-USB cables lying around the house. You probably have multiple chargers as well.

We recommend using the charger and USB cable that comes with our batteries. You get the fastest charging time this way. Note that this is not required, though. You can actually charge our batteries with any micro-USB cable and a USB outlet. And we all know that USB charging ports are virtually everywhere these days.

Our batteries are different because our company is different. Are you in the market for some new batteries? If so, why not try Paleblue?