How Many of Your Items Will Need Batteries in 2021?

How Many of Your Items Will Need Batteries in 2021?

It will not be long before 2021 arrives. Perhaps the calendar has already turned by the time you read this post. At any rate, you and your family members undoubtedly got some new gadgets this past Christmas – items that run on batteries. That means you will probably be purchasing batteries in 2021.


The most popular batteries for consumer electronics are AAAs, AAs, D cells and 9V batteries. Well, we carry all four types. If you are interested, we also carry what we call our 'home conversion kit'. This is a selection of all four types of batteries designed to replace all of your alkaline, NiCad, and NiMH cells.


So, how many of your items are going to need batteries in 2021? Do you plan to buy single-use alkaline batteries? We hope not. Going with USB rechargeables keeps alkaline batteries out of landfills and bring you a new level of convenience at home and on the go. We think these are good reasons to go rechargeable and ditch disposables.


Your Electric Toothbrush


One of the first things that comes to mind is the trusty electric toothbrush. It is such a simple and basic device yet extremely important for oral hygiene. Dentists say that electric toothbrushes are superior to their manual counterparts because they work more efficiently and cover more area.


Maybe you got one of the latest electric toothbrushes for Christmas. If so, we think that's great. Do not rely on disposable alkaline batteries to keep it operating though. Instead, choose rechargeables. Use your toothbrush as normal and recharge the batteries every couple of months. You will never be left without a non-working toothbrush.


All Those Remotes


Nothing is as frustrating as picking up the TV remote, pressing the button, and staring blankly at the screen when nothing happens. We change remote batteries so infrequently that it is easy to forget to keep extras on hand. With USB rechargeable batteries though, you do not ever have to encounter this problem. Just make a point of quickly charging the batteries every few months simply or give them a quick charge should you find yourself with dead batteries.


Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors


If there are two devices in your home you cannot afford to let go without power, it is your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Both of these devices need to have juice to offer the lifesaving benefits they are designed to offer. With such important devices, please read the manufacturers recommendations on what types of batteries to use. Some may be designed only for alkaline batteries while others may be ok to use with rechargeables such as NiMH or Lithium Ion.



All Those Kids Toys


If you are part of a family with young children, it's a safe bet that some of the toys the little ones got for Christmas require batteries. It's also a safe bet that the kids are going to go through batteries fairly quickly. Do not spend a lot of money on single-use alkaline batteries destined for the trash. Go with lithium-ion instead and avoid the need to run to the store and to the recycling center.


A single-use battery is just that. You use it once and throw it away. Our rechargeable batteries can be charged 1,000 times or more. Imagine the amount of money you will save in the long term by ditching alkaline batteries in favor of ours. When it comes to saving money, it isn't even a contest. If you can teach your kids that not all their toys have batteries all the time, they can ask you to move batteries from one to the other when they need to, reducing your overall battery needs.


We sincerely hope you had a wonderful 2020 holiday season. We also hope your 2021 is happy, healthy, and prosperous. Please keep Pale Blue Earth in mind when it is time to make your next battery purchase. We promise you will be pleased with Pale Blue Earth quality, price, and convenience.