Our Rechargeable Batteries Charge in Under an Hour

Our Rechargeable Batteries Charge in Under an Hour

As rechargeable battery technology has improved, charging times have gone down, improving convenience for users and market adoption rates . We are now at a point where Pale Blue Earth USB-C rechargeable AAA batteries can fully charge in under an hour, AA in a little over an hour Yes, you read that correctly. Our batteries recharge that quickly.

Think of the practical implications of such a fast charge cycle. We would like to say that our batteries charge in less time than it takes to make a trip to the store. You don't have to get in the car. You do not have to fight the traffic. You don't have to waste gas and time buying single-use batteries that you would ultimately use once and then throw away.

All you need to do is connect your batteries to the USB-C cable and plug the cable into a wall outlet or a standard USB port. Then go entertain yourself for a while. Come back in an hour and your batteries will be charged and ready to go. In a pinch, thanks to the BMS on each battery which manages the charging, it’s also perfectly fine to do a quick charge for 10 or 20 minutes and finish the task (or fun) at hand.

No More Overnight Charging for Your Rechargeable Batteries

Before there were lithium-ion batteries, rechargeable consumer batteries were either NiCads or NiMH cells. They did the job just fine back in the day. But one of the disadvantages of both technologies is the longer charging time. Needless to say, it is a lot longer.

With NiCad and NiMH batteries, the tendency is to plug them in and let them sit overnight. That gives them a solid seven or eight hours to fully charge, which is okay if you are the type of person who tends to plan ahead. But waiting that long in an emergency won't cut it.

Imagine you are getting ready to head out for a long hike in the Utah wilderness. You're packing your gear when you realize you haven't charged your batteries. No worries. You have Pale Blue Earth batteries. You have plenty of time to charge them on the drive to the trailhead from the USB port in your truck.

Charging Quickly On-the-Go

Our batteries do not require a special charger, either. All you need is a USB-C cable – which we provide with our batteries. But here is the point: you can quickly charge on-the-go as long as you have access to a charging port. Access and special chargers are no longer a problem and there’s no need to find an AC outlet either.

You are out with the family at a campground. The kids have been using their RC cards all morning and the batteries are starting to run down. We have you covered. Plug into your car, camper, RV or solar panel, enjoy your lunch break and they will be ready for RC racing round two by the time you finish eating.

Always Have Rechargeable Batteries Handy

We cannot say enough about the fast-charging times lithium-ion technology allows and the battery management system (BMS) on every battery enables. Convenience is one of the major benefits of applying tech-empowered lithium-ion design to the consumer battery arena. Fast charging times, combined with 1000+ charging cycles, ultimately means you always have batteries on hand and will save a lot of money and waste.

Folks who insist on using alkaline batteries are choosing to be content with single-use products. When their batteries get low, they can't just plug them in and wait an hour. They need to toss the old ones, run to the store to buy new ones, and toss the packaging waste from the new ones as well. How convenient or sustainable is that, not to mention expensive.

Lithium-ion batteries have come a long way over the years. As engineers and designers have improved them, charging times have decreased. If for no other reason, being able to charge your batteries quickly and conveniently is strong motivation to stop using alkaline, NiCad, and NiMH batteries. Time is precious. Do not spend it waiting for your batteries to charge.