Making the Case for Replaceable Batteries on the Golf Course

golf range finder

If you are not an avid golfer, you might not know the sport has gone electronic. The days of heading to the course with little more than your clubs and a bottle of water are long gone. These days, golfers carry a long list of electronic devices with them. They light up the links with as many digital screens and sounds as they head out on the course.


We did a little research into golf electronics prior to writing this post. We discovered a lot of electronic golf devices with built-in lithium-ion batteries. The batteries function well enough when a device is brand-new. But what about when the batteries die? Being built-in does not give the consumer an opportunity to replace them on their own unfortunately. A dead battery may result in a prematurally discarded product. A damaged product may result in tossing a perfectly good battery. In either situation, recycling is harder that it would be if the batteries could be removed.



Golf Electronics with Reusable Batteries


Golf's popularity as a sport for every person really took off in the mid-1980s. Through the end of that decade and into the nineties, it was hard to get a tee time. There were so many people wanting to play and not enough courses to accommodate them. Things started to wane in the 2000s. But now, with technology bringing the sport into the digital age, golf is surging once again.


Both novice and experienced golfers can enhance their time on the course with some great electronics:


Range Finders

A range finder is a hand-held device that helps golfers figure out how far away from the pin they are. You look through the site hole, point the device at the flag, and wait for the digital readout.


GPS Locators

If you are not a range finder sort of person, you can carry a GPS locator. GPS devices are loaded with data on hundreds of golf courses. Just by looking at the screen, you can always tell where you are in relation to the hole.


Smart Speakers for Golf Courses

Believe it or not, the sport of golf has its own smart speaker. This is a GPS-enabled device that you mount on your golf bag. It gives you all sorts of information about the course and its individual holes based on your voice commands.


Golf Swing Analyzers

The swing analyzer could be the most impressive piece of golf tech on the market. This video-based device monitors every swing you take. It then analyzes your swing to help you improve. The best models can also track ball velocity, launch angle, and other metrics.


No doubt that some of these devices require more battery power than others. It is good that they are all equipped with lithium-ion batteries that can be charged 1000+ times. But no battery is perfect. Eventually built-in batteries wear out. Then what?


Service or Replace the Unit


An electronic device with a built-in battery has to be serviced when the battery dies. Either that, or you have to throw it out and replace it. The second option is unnecessarily wasteful. The first option is unnecessarily expensive. That's why we think it might be better if these devices utilized replaceable batteries instead.


The golf course is a great place to enjoy the outdoors and simultaneously get some exercise. But playing golf should not be a waste-producing venture. Would golf electronics be better if they were powered by Paleblue's USB-C rechargeable batteries? We think so.


Our batteries are an excellent choice even if you do not play golf. Take a look at all the battery-powered electronic devices in your home. If you are throwing their single-use batteries away, please consider buying rechargeable batteries next time around. You will save money, waste, and time and gas running to the store to get batteries.