Easy Ways to Reduce Your Energy Bill This Summer

thermostat with rechargeable batteries

Paleblue is a company committed to using our business and resources to support and promote sustainability and environmental responsibility. This mission is the foundation of our message of replacing disposable alkaline batteries with USB-C rechargeable lithium-ion products. But in this post, we want to reach beyond rechargeable batteries to talk about reducing energy consumption.


The less energy we use, the less we tend to waste. That is good for sustainability efforts. As an added bonus, using less energy generally translates into lower energy bills. If lower utility bills are the motivation you need to reduce energy consumption, we are on board with that.


Here are some easy ways to reduce your energy bill this summer:


Rethink the Thermostat


Experts have been telling us for decades that minor thermostat adjustments make a significant difference. We are often reminded not to heat or cool a house when no one is home. Ditto when everyone is sleeping. Everything we have been told is certainly applicable. But we think it's time to rethink the thermostat.


First, forget the old programmable thermostat. Install a smart thermostat instead. Not only are smart thermostats programmable, but they are also capable of artificially learning your routine and then self-adjusting. A smart thermostat is exponentially more efficient than an old-school programmable model.


Second, consider the normal temperature in your home. So many families keep the summer temperature at around 72 degrees only to wear long pants and long sleeve shirts in the house. Why not bump the temperature up to 80 degrees and wear shorts and t-shirts instead? If you live in an area with cool nights and warm days, open the windows at night to cool the house, then close them first thing in the morning. This will reduce your energy usage greatly through the day.


Install Motion-Sensitive Lighting


It is easy to forget to turn lights off during the summer months. During the late afternoon and early evening, there isn't such a stark difference as to notice that lights have been left on. Motion-sensitive lighting is an easy solution. Motion sensors are ideal for bathrooms, closets, and even the garage and outside shed. If they don't detect motion for a certain amount of time, the lights switch off.


Use Solar Lighting Outside


If you are installing new exterior lighting or upgrading what you already have, consider going solar. Today's solar lights are far superior to what was available even just a few years ago. The latest models offer advanced solar collectors and LED bulbs for greater efficiency and longer life. Best of all, solar lighting doesn't require messing with your home's wiring.


Hang Your Clothes Up to Dry


Summer is the perfect time to save money on energy consumption in the laundry room by hanging your clothes up to dry. If you own your home and your neighborhood allows it, set up a clothesline in the backyard. Let the sun and wind dry the wet clothes for you.


If setting up an exterior clothesline isn't possible, you can always hang your clothing in the garage, the laundry room, or even the master bedroom. You can buy all sorts of laundry racks fairly cheaply. Most of them collapse for easy storage when not in use.


Cook Your Meals Outside


Our last tip is to cook your meals outside. Cooking over a gas grill could ultimately be less expensive than using your electric range. Furthermore, cooking outside eliminates the excess heat normally generated indoors, heat that only forces the air conditioning to work harder.


Reducing your energy bill is not as hard as it sounds. It only requires a bit of thought and creativity. By reducing your energy bill, you are wasting less energy and contributing to a more sustainable future. It's an easy thing to do on top of replacing single-use batteries with USB-C rechargeable battery cells.