Have You Had the Chance to Use the USB-C Port Yet?

USB-C port

We have been excited about USB-C since it hit the market. We are now working hard to equip our AA and AAA batteries with USB-C ports (C, D, and 9V already have two ports on each battery, micro USB and USB-C), we can proudly say that we have worked hard to utilize the latest USB technology. How about you? Have you had the chance to use the new port yet?


Developing the USB-C port has been nothing short of an industry attempt to bring even more standardization to the USB platform. The platform itself was developed decades ago to create standardization between computers and peripherals. You know the story – USB changed the peripheral world.


All the buzz surrounding USB-C makes it sound equally revolutionary. We cannot disagree. USB-C transfers data so fast that it makes old technology look silly.Since it is capable of handling more power, we are just starting to see computer monitors and laptops powered through the USB port emerge. USB-C also has very fast data transfer capabilities


A Simple New Shape


Data speeds and power loads notwithstanding, one of the most impressive things about USB-C constitutes a very subtle change: the shape of the port. It seemed so simple to me as to be not worth noting when I first heard about it. But then I bought a new phone.


My old phone, which I still keep around for other purposes, has a typical micro-USB port. Every time I plugged it in at night, I had to rotate the cord before inserting it. My new phone has a USB-C port. Cable direction is immaterial. Why? Because the port is concentric. It is a simple oval shape, so the plug will insert into the port no matter which way it's facing.


That may not seem like a big deal, but it is. Forget about plugging in that micro-USB cable on the first try. But with USB-C, it is a smooth and easy every time and requires less time, effort and attention.


No Change to Our Batteries


We are thrilled to say that USB-C will not change anything about our batteries other than the port and cable you use to charge them up. Paleblue USB-C rechargeable batteries will offer the same quality you have come to expect. They will still come in all the most common form factors for all your electronic devices.



Swap Out Your Alkalines


As always, we want to urge you to swap out your alkalines with USB-C rechargeable batteries. If you’ve been hesitating, maybe the upgrades to our product with USB-C will convince you that it’s time to ditch disposables. Why wait any longer?


Alkaline batteries represent waste. There is no simpler way to explain it. Alkaline batteries are single-use batteries that go from retail shelf to consumer and then on to landfill, along with a lot of packaging waste from each pack. That is not a very sustainable model. Alkaline batteries are not good for the environment or your bank account.


Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are the way to go. As long as you are making the switch, we recommend our own USB rechargeable batteries. Equipped with the latest technology, Paleblue batteries are better than they have ever been before. Put them to the test. We are confident that once you try them, you will never go back to single-use batteries.