4 Must-Have Accessories for USB Rechargeable Batteries

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No, it's not too early to start thinking about Christmas shopping. And this year, with all of us spending so much more time at home, USB rechargeable batteries are great gifts for every member of the family. Our batteries come in all of the most popular formats to meet just about every need. If you already have your rechargeable batteries, no worries.

Though we don't sell accessories, there are plenty of items that make using USB rechargeable batteries easier. We are all about easy if that's what it takes to convince people to set aside disposable alkaline batteries in favor of rechargeable alternatives. It is with that in mind that we can recommend the following must-have accessories for USB rechargeable batteries:


1. Charging Station

The beauty of USB technology is its versatility. A USB rechargeable battery can be plugged into any USB port and quickly recharged. For many of us though, the only USB ports we have are those on our desktop or laptop computers. So we use the charger packs that come with new electronic devices to plug them into the wall. A charging station changes all that.

A charging station plugs into a single outlet, but then offers multiple USB outlets for all your devices. A single charging station can charge your cell phone, tablet, and lithium-ion batteries all at once. This frees up all those other outlets for other things.

2. A Back Up Charger Battery

That same charger battery you use to recharge your cell phone on the go can also recharge your USB batteries. But does that make sense? Sure it does. Without an available USB port, you cannot recharge your lithium-ion batteries when you are out and about. A charger battery solves that problem. So what if charging your batteries with another battery looks stupid? It works. That's all that matters.

3. Solar Charger

If your family members and friends are outdoor types, a solar charger could be the ideal accessory for them. A solar charger does just as its name implies: it recharges lithium-ion batteries using solar energy. Small collector panels absorb energy from sunlight, convert it to electricity, and then send it to the device being charged.

Solar chargers do not necessarily work as fast as charger batteries. They are also not much help on cloudy or overcast days. But still, using the sun to recharge your lithium-ion batteries is the ultimate in battery sustainability. Why not use a solar charger when you have the opportunity?

4. USB Extension Cable

Of all of the accessories on our list, this last one may be the most under-appreciated: the USB extension cable. Why do you need one? Just take a look at the length of the cables that come with your charger packs and you will quickly figure it out. Most of those cables are fairly short, aren't they?

They are so short that you're forced to set your phone on the floor while it recharges. That's never good for obvious reasons. An extension cable changes the game. Now you can set your phone, or your USB rechargeable batteries from Paleblue, on the table instead. The cable is long enough to allow the charger pack to reach the wall outlet.

USB rechargeable batteries make great gifts for every occasion. We all use batteries to power our mobile lifestyles. If you are giving batteries as gifts this year, why not also think about some of the accessories this post described? Each one makes the recipient a lot happier about using rechargeable batteries in everything from portable music players to children's toys.