Swaner Intern Lexie

Swaner Intern Lexie


My name is Lexie and I have been working hard all summer as a Conservation Intern at Swaner Preserve, a 2000 acre preserve in the heart of Park City. Thanks to Pale Blue’s contribution to support this position, I was given the amazing opportunity to work, learn and have an impact on the this valuable ecological resource. My time here has been incredibly valuable and beneficial to the future of my career and I could not have experienced it without Pale Blue’s generous contribution.




I recently graduated with my Bachelor's degree and was looking for entry level opportunities when I found the Swaner Preserve’s Conservation Internship! Park City has a wonderfully conscious population with so many people who dedicate their free time to helping out with various service projects, including pulling invasive weeds, picking up trash and restoring wetlands. Rhea, the Conservation Coordinator at Swaner, has been an extremely helpful mentor for the past 3 months. She is a walking field guide and I spent my time here absorbing everything I can from her.


My day to day consisted of pulling invasive weeds, monitoring American Kestrel Boxes, setting up and checking trail cameras, organizing volunteer projects and planting native plants! I learned so much about the importance of native species in wetland and riparian habitats. I also got the special privilege to attend the Master Naturalist 3-day course on watersheds, which was very educational and fun!



I am grateful for this summer and all it has taught me. I plan to stay in the conservation field and know that the skills I have developed at Swaner will benefit me in many job positions in the future. I could not have done this without Pale Blue!