Fish For Garbage x Strawberry Reservoir

strawberry reservoir

As part of the Blue Ribbon Fisheries program and home to cutthroat and rainbow trout and kokanee salmon, Strawberry Reservoir is a landscape worth valuing and protecting. It is one of the most beautiful high mountain landscapes one could hope to enjoy on a Saturday morning (even if one finds themselves lugging around a trash bag picking up any and every piece of garbage in sight).

fish for garbage

With many access points, parking lots, and good fishing spots along the lake, trash accumulates on this beautiful landscape and an annual cleanup is definitely needed, and as always, some pretty gross alkaline batteries were found.

Fish For Garbage organizes this annual cleanup, and thanks to the nearby camping access and fishing, many people who come out for the Strawberry cleanup will camp out, cleanup and wish all weekend. Fish For Garbage takes advantage of this opportunity to make this (and the Green River Cleanup) even more special by serving up a great pancake breakfast.  

Paleblue Earth was out among other great brands and a lot of passionate folks to pick up as much trash as possible, getting it out of the sage and keeping it out of the water and setting a great example for all the kids who came along to help. We were stoked to see so many first-timers, and in classic fashion, the newbies won tons of prizes in the giveaway. Congrats to Brad for finally winning some Paleblue, he’s waited patiently, fingers crossed, at every event!

Together we cleaned up 3000 lbs of trash and had about 80 people contribute to the effort this year. Thank you all so much for taking time to clean up this beautiful reservoir. 

If you don’t already, follow Fish For Garbage on social and share their postings on upcoming events. We need all the hands we can get out there so if you can’t make it, help them spread the word. If you can make it, make sure you stop by the Paleblue tent to say hi and talk batteries!