Pale Blue Earth x Brighton Resort Forever Project

Pale Blue Earth x Brighton Resort Forever Project

We got to hang out with some friends in the sustainable space and we want you to meet them.

Brighton Resort

Brighton Resort is committed to sustainability. They work hard to reduce environmental impact at every level of resort operation. Over the next few years, Brighton will increase efficiency, reduce waste and emissions, and ensure the health of natural resources for generations to come.

Brighton Resort Ski Patrol

Brighton’s efforts are in coordination with Forever Project, Boyne Resort's goal of reducing carbon emissions to net zero throughout North American operations by 2030.

Black Diamond and Pale Blue Earth

At Paleblue we are excited to partner with Brighton Resort and aid in their efforts for a sustainable future by converting their daily operations to rechargeable batteries. From the main office to snowcat and terrain park crews, Paleblue will keep Brighton Resort moving with rechargeable lithium-ion energy.

Brighton Resort Forever Project