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AA USB Rechargeable Smart Batteries

$71.99 $89.99

Fast Charging Lithium Battery
1000+ Charge Cycles

Convenient Micro USB Charge Port
Just plug any micro USB cable or use the included cable to charge four batteries at once.

Built-In LED Charging Indicator
Paleblue Batteries let you know when they are fully charged.

On-Board Smart Technology Provides Safe Charging
No more batteries ruining expensive electronic devices!

Convenient charging at home or on the go.

Our AA batteries feature a mirco-USB charging port directly in the battery so you can charge up using any micro-USB cable or our included 4-to-1 cable.

Not your typical rechargeable battery.

With our advanced lithium rechargeable technology, Paleblue batteries charge 5x faster than conventional Ni-MH rechargeable batteries. Paleblue batteries provide higher power and more consistent output through their use cycle.

A sustainable battery solution

One Paleblue battery can replace up to 1,000 single use batteries. That's over 50 pounds of batteries that won't end up in a landfill.

Customer Reviews

Based on 55 reviews
Sean Fabri
The things I do to get hold of these Pale Blues...

I love these rechargeable batteries. They're elegant, well-made, and they relieve me of the massive guilt I feel whenever I use standard batteries. My friends are also excited by them - they make a perfect gift. Unfortunately they don't ship to Australia, so I get them posted to my friends who live in the United States to bring them over when they visit. This ensures that the first words out of my mouth are always ""Hi! It's so good to see you! ...Do you have my batteries?"

Work well! Will buy more

I have charged my C and AA so far and it is fun that they have their special cord and little lights that move while charging. I like that they are lighter weight than regular batteries- this will be useful for larger batteries like C and D. I like that they are strong and hold their charge. Sometimes rechargeable batteries are wider than normal batteries, but these AA are the right size and fit just the same as any battery. The package discount is a very good deal but I wish they could be customized since my household uses a lot of C batteries and very few AAA. The C batteries only come in packages of two but I need 8 or more

Anthony Molzahn
Dude! These are exactly what my gamer kiddos needed.

It is REFRESHING to not have to go to the store every couple weeks for batteries to top-up my kiddos’ (and my) gaming controllers. Full stop, this is a practical item that is going into the stockings of my people this Holiday season.

Aaron Devaill
Smart Battery

These batteries are easy to charge and easy to see when they are fully charged.

Robert Sullivan
works better than non- chargeable

My wife is using these in a Walkman CD player. It’s a high draw use and these outlast regular batteries. They will pay for themselves in a short while and are better for the environment