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A render of four Paleblue batteries plugged into a wall outlet with a USB cable
Savings, Performance & Sustainability

Fast USB charging with better performance & less waste*

*Compared to traditional single use alkaline batteries & packaging

Paleblue vs. Alkaline vs. NiMh

See what makes Paleblue different than the 'usual' batteries.

*Based on average AA battery prices and 100 uses.

Industry-leading charge time.

With our advanced lithium rechargeable technology, Paleblue batteries charge up to 10x faster than conventional rechargeable batteries. 

Customer Reviews

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Luke Laufersweiler
Best Batteries ever

Thank you this will save my family hundreds of dollars a year

Henry Joseph
Great batteries!

The batteries worked as expected and when one was defective PaleBlue promptly replaced it.

Highly Recommend

I got these hoping they would be as good as non-rechargeable batteries. They are 100% better! They last a really long time. I had "regular" batteries in a trail cam and they lasted a day and a half. The Rechargeable Batteries lasted four days and still had some power left. I can not recommend these enough! These are going to all family members as gifts. Do not hesitate in purchasing them. They are really worth it.

Paul Morrow
High quality and helping to save the Earth

The best rechargeable batteries on the market. Easy to use USB cables. Include these on charging day (that day every two weeks when you charge all your electronics.

Larry R Predmore
five star

easy to charge

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