National Battery Day

February 18th is National Battery Day and we are teaming up to keep batteries out of landfills.

Paleblue has partnered with Recycle Utah, Recyclops and others to offer used battery drop off locations in Summit County, UT.

Across America, consumers and businesses purchase an estimated 5.4 billion single-use batteries every year. 10 million of these batteries are thrown away every day, many or most of which are not recycled (some are incinerated, many more likely end up in landfills). Once in the landfill, these batteries leach harmful toxins and heavy metals into soil and waterways. 

Proper alkaline battery disposal is widely available, but its importance is still far from commonplace. Throughout February, Summit County, Utah, will be a model for other communities who hope to improve their overall sustainability efforts through education, accessibility and encouragement.

Summit County, UT Battery Drop Off Locations

More drop off locations to be added soon!

Please join us to help our community, friends and businesses get their used batteries out for proper recycling.

  • We are looking for organizations and businesses to serve as drop off locations. All recourses (buckets, signage) and pickup will be handled by our teams.
  • Want to get involved? Reach out to Tom Bishop at to get started.