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A render of four Paleblue batteries plugged into a wall outlet with a USB cable
Savings, Performance & Sustainability

Fast USB charging with better performance & less waste*

*Compared to traditional single use alkaline batteries & packaging

Paleblue vs. Alkaline vs. NiMh

See what makes Paleblue different than the 'usual' batteries.

*Based average AA battery prices and 100 uses.

Industry-leading charge time.

With our advanced lithium rechargeable technology, Paleblue batteries charge up to 10x faster than conventional rechargeable batteries. 

Customer Reviews

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Shane S.
Time to put these to the test

Our littles are constantly leaving toys ,flashlights and such on -WE will definitively be using these!

Pale Blue Rechargeable Batteries: Powering Up Your World in Style!

🌎💙 **Pale Blue Rechargeable Batteries: Powering Up Your World in Style! 💙🌎**

Are you tired of boring old batteries that drain faster than your morning coffee? Say hello to Pale Blue Rechargeable Batteries from the eco-friendly marvels at PaleBlueEarth! These batteries are not just your ordinary power source - they're like the cool kids in the battery world, sporting a trendy pale blue color that screams "I'm here to save the planet, but make it fashion!"

But wait, there's more! These rechargeable wonders are like the Energizer Bunny on steroids - they keep going and going and going... you get the idea! No more running out of juice in the middle of a Netflix binge or an important Zoom meeting. Pale Blue Batteries have got your back (or should I say, your remote control's back!).

And let's talk about the company behind these fabulous batteries - PaleBlueEarth. They're not just about making a quick buck; they're on a mission to save the planet, one rechargeable battery at a time. So every time you use a Pale Blue Battery, you're basically high-fiving Mother Nature and saying, "Hey, I got you, Earth!"

So, next time you need some power in your life, skip the boring black batteries and go pale blue with Pale Blue Rechargeable Batteries. Your devices will thank you, the planet will thank you, and hey, you might even start a new fashion trend in the battery world! It's a win-win-win situation! 🌍💙🔋

James Butler
Fantastic batteries

These rechargeable batteries from Pale Blue have already paid for them selves with the savings from using normal batteries. Much better than NiCad and way better than my favorite alkaline batteries. Since I bought the AAA set, I got another AAA, a AA, and 9v sets.
I have a lot of wireless microphones that use AA batteries and plan on converting all of them to Pale Blue rechargeable batteries.

Joseph Busalacchi
The greatest invention on Batteries in decades.

I love them. Easy to charge and they are powerful and last a long time. I bought them twice and will probably buy more.

Chester Chow
AAA usb-c rechargeable Batteries

Great rechargeables, will buy again
But one of the battery had no light and did not charge

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