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AAA USB-C Rechargeable Batteries

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Now with USB-C!

1 hour charging time and consistent 1.5V are game changing. Stop buying single-use batteries and get a modern solution. Designed for performance, convenience and reliability. Our AAA batteries will help you reduce waste, save money and save time.

Battery icon with lightning bolt
Fast Charging Lithium Battery
1000+ Charge Cycles 
USB plug icon
Convenient USB-C Charge Port
Use the included cable to charge four batteries at a time
Battery icon with light bulb
Built-In LED Charging Indicator
Paleblue Batteries let you know when they are fully charged.
Battery icon with shield On-Board Smart Technology Provides Safe Charging
No more batteries ruining expensive electronic devices!


Charge anywhere with USB

Charge up four batteries at once with the included cable.

Industry-leading 1 hour charge time.

With our advanced lithium rechargeable technology, Paleblue batteries charge up to 12x faster than conventional rechargeable batteries. 

Never worry about leaking batteries again.

Our modern lithium ion chemistry works just like the battery in your phone or laptop so you never have to deal with leaking batteries.

Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
Randall M
Excellent batteries

I love these batteries because for rechargeable batteries they actually charge to 1.5 volts where most other rechargeable batteries only go to and operate at 1.2 volts. These last a long time and don’t take very long to charge back up! Just an all around great product!

David Coleman
Slowly converting every battery in 3 homes to Pale Blue rechargeables

I tried my first set of Pale Blue rechargeables last year. I was impressed with the simplicity and ease of use. Replaced batteries in remotes, CO detectors, thermostats, etc. Over time, had more single use batteries die and replaced them with rechargeables.
Did the same for a second home, including some outside thermostats that can get down to 0F.
Everything has been working great. Most of the rechargeables are still running from the replacement last year. A few items needed a recharge, which was fast and easy.
I'm very happy with the PaleBlue rechargeables. I just bought another kit for my daughter, now she can start using them in her house.

Abby K.
Just what I needed

So glad I don't have to throw away batteries anymore!

Bruce Potts
Purchased too soon

The email from Pale Blue asked me to evaluate my AAA USB-C rechargeable batteries. Unfortunately, I purchased Micro USB rechargeable batteries, and a month later Pale Blue announced that all AAA batteries were going to be USB-C rechargeable. So, I have not received any benefits from USB-C, so I cannot evaluate them. The AAA batteries that I received have
performed well, so we will see how they perform over time. I will edit this review after more time has passed.

Erin Emmerich

AAA USB-C Rechargeable Batteries

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