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A render of four Paleblue batteries plugged into a wall outlet with a USB cable
Savings, Performance & Sustainability

Fast USB charging with better performance & less waste*

*Compared to traditional single use alkaline batteries & packaging

Paleblue vs. Alkaline vs. NiMh

See what makes Paleblue different than the 'usual' batteries.

*Based average AA battery prices and 100 uses.

Industry-leading charge time.

With our advanced lithium rechargeable technology, Paleblue batteries charge up to 10x faster than conventional rechargeable batteries. 

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Andrew K.

One thing I always hated about other rechargeable batteries is that most chargers only allow you to charge a minimum of two batteries at a time when devices like a mouse only take one battery. Pale Blue solves this issue AND allows me to charge via USB-C instead of having to carry a separate charger. I've also noticed that Pale Blue batteries, though with a lower theoretical capacity than traditional rechargeable batteries, actually last MUCH longer in certain devices that are sensitive to the voltage drop of traditional rechargeables. If you're on the fence, I highly recommend giving them a try.

Darryl E
Reliable power and fast charging

I got these batteries specifically to replace some NiMH rechargeable batteries in my smart devices at home. The devices would frequently complain about “low battery” because the voltage in the NiMH is too low (1.2V) when compared to alkaline batteries (1.5V). That’s why these Pale Blue batteries are so great. They have the same voltage as alkaline batteries so my devices are now working properly! They are easy to charge at any powered USB port and let you know when they’re done! I could not be happier.

Ken Feiler
Besr battery/charger set up out there....

I like everything about these batterries. You can easily charge one, to four and no extra battery charger is needed. Recharge in the truck, orplug in at home. It will also plug into my solar panel I take camping. AND...THE CHARGE TIME IS GREAT !

Nick F
Love These Batteries!

Seems like an amazingly long life span for a rechargeable battery! I am pretty sure these things are gonna outlive me.

super reliable AAA batteries

i got these for my family and we've been very pleased with how long the batteries last

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