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Customer Reviews

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Nick F
Pale Blue Does It Right

I confess I have not used these D batteries yet, but I most certainly HAVE used their AA, AAA and 9-volt batteries, and they are terrific. I put two AAs in my beard trimmer, and they have been running strong and powerful for a ridiculously long amount of time! Have not yet had to recharge them once. And if they truly deliver as many charges as promised, I'll die before they do. Highly recommended.

john giglio
Great Batteries

Easy to charge...

Peter B
D Cell Batteries Good So Far

In general I like the D Cell batteries. They are easy to recharge and pretty convenient.
Some things could be improved.
1. The amount of time they work in my shower radio is very short compared to regular alkaline D Cells, Way less than 1/2 the time. I have to always watch for the low battery signal on th radio so that I can get them recharged right away otherwise it will just not turn on the next time, whereas regular D Cell will work for a while if I turn the volume down.
2. The little pop-up for the charging connections seems kind of cheap. It would be nice if they were just built in like the AA cells.

Jeff Earl
Hot Wheels Heaven!

My kids have been getting a lot of use out of the D batteries with the Hot Wheels tracks! Now they can play as long as they want!

Carlo Facchino
Incredible!! Every ROWER needs to get these

Replace the D Batteries on your rowing machine now with these. They last longer and you'll never have to dispose of those bulky single use D Batteries again.

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