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A render of four Paleblue batteries plugged into a wall outlet with a USB cable
Savings, Performance & Sustainability

Fast USB charging with better performance & less waste*

*Compared to traditional single use alkaline batteries & packaging

Paleblue vs. Alkaline vs. NiMh

See what makes Paleblue different than the 'usual' batteries.

*Based on average AA battery prices and 100 uses.

Industry-leading charge time.

With our advanced lithium rechargeable technology, Paleblue batteries charge up to 10x faster than conventional rechargeable batteries. 

Customer Reviews

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Alexander Lambert
Controller Batteries

These work great in my sons Switch wireless controllers

Wayne Phelps
AA USB-C Rechargeable Batteries

The cats meow…….the only way to go!

Kenneth Kertesz
Pale Blue batteries review

At this point, purchasing them over the past month, I am satisfied with charging time and performance. I envision ordering more batteries to keep ahead of the need to have batteries on hand and doing away with alkaline batteries completely.

Kurt Pfeiffer
Reliable and long-lasting

I purchased these batteries to use in a wireless headset microphone. They have done a great job! Not only did they last all night during use, but they were not even 1/2 drained by the end of the night. If they hold up over time, I'll never go back to regular batteries!

David Stariha

So far they are wonderful. They last a little longer in my wand type foamer and best of all they charge up quickly. I expect the same performance in my 2-cell small LED flashlight.

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