Rock On with Lithium-Ion Batteries – Literally!


There is a guy in Central Florida who was just recently turned on to our USB-C 9V batteries. He is a musician. He plays the coolest Martin guitar. It is an acoustic- electric with a black, composite body and a built-in pickup and tuner. Guess what powers the pickup and tuner? A 9V battery.


He found out that the particular model of pickup and tuner in his guitar eats batteries. Prior to discovering Paleblue, he had to keep a steady supply of single-use 9V batteries in his gig bag. Not cool. Then he found our batteries and that was that. The rest, as they say, is history.


Our Batteries Are Cheaper


When this guy first realized that his guitar was eating batteries, he contemplated sending it back to have the pickup/tuner replaced. But that would have cost a ton of money and he liked the performance and didn’t want to risk messing with it.


That would make sense except for the fact that single-use alkaline batteries actually cost a lot of money over a long period of time. But would it cost him more money to keep buying batteries or replace the pickup and tuner?


In the end, it didn't much matter. He discovered that our batteries were a cheaper option than both the other choices. He got to keep a pickup and tuner that he likes but forever end his worries of being in the middle of a gig and having his battery die and since they run at a stable voltage, his product always performed consistently.


A Cable in His Gig Bag


In fairness, choosing to use lithium-ion batteries in his guitar doesn't prevent getting to a gig and having in dead battery. But this is how he handles it: he keeps the USB-C cable that came with one of his 9V batteries in his gig bag. He also keeps two or three spare batteries in the bag.


If he ever forgets to charge a battery after a gig, he always has a couple of others for backup. He pulls the cable out of his gig bag and immediately starts charging the dead one. By the time the gig is over, that battery is charged and ready to be used again.


The best part is that he will get 1000+ charges out of each battery. A set of two or three will last him at least a couple of years and save him a lot of money. Imagine how many single-use alkaline batteries he would have purchased during that same amount of time.


Ditching those Disposables


Kudos to this guy and the other musicians who are doing their part to ditch the disposables. Single-use 9V batteries can be had pretty cheaply all over the country. But they are cheap only at the cash register ( and really, are they truly cheap?). The fact that they are single use products makes them more expensive in the long run. For a musician who plays regular gigs every week, it is a no-brainer.


Our USB-C 9V batteries are every bit as convenient as other battery types. Even more so when you realize that our batteries do not need a separate charger. You can charge them anywhere you can find a standard USB port or electrical outlet. For a guitar player whose acoustic-electric eats batteries, going USB-C rechargeable just makes a lot of sense.