Rechargeable Batteries and the Minimalist Lifestyle

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Minimalism is taking hold in modern culture and consumers are ???. Those who embrace the minimalist lifestyle embrace a life with fewer possessions and less complexity and clutter. They also produce less waste. USB rechargeable batteries can support this lifestyle. Impact conscious consumers can get better power performance compared to single use use batteries while simultaneously reducing the volume of dead batteries you send to the waste stream.


We get that minimalism isn't totally feasible for everybody. It takes a certain kind of personality to live comfortably at minimum means. But for those who choose the lifestyle, or make sincere steps toward it, it can provide a lot of benefits. We are behind it 100%. Anything that reduces waste and makes it easier to take care of the planet is good.


Not a New Movement


If you are tempted to believe that minimalism is a new movement brought out by the 2008 housing crash and Great Recession, think again. The term itself may have only recently been applied to simple living, but the concept is as old as humanity.


There has always been a clear delineation between those who have and those who have not. Likewise, there have always been people who have chosen to live with less. Many ancient religions associate virtue with simple living; many political systems have forced simple living on people over the centuries.


What makes modern minimalism so much different is the extent to which those who choose to live by the consumerism philosophy can overwhelm themselves with things. We have a lot more stuff available to us in the 21st century, thanks to innovation and the steady progress that humanity makes year by year. To purposely live a minimalist lifestyle these days, you really need to pass up a lot more.


Reasons People Choose Minimalism


You might be wondering why some people choose to live the minimalist lifestyle. Below are some of the more commonly reported reasons, along with how USB rechargeable batteries fit in:


1. Less Stuff


By definition, minimalism is characterized by living with less stuff. With fewer possessions to worry about, you are able to put your thoughts and energies into other things such as experiences or relationships. Less stuff makes it easier to live on a more limited budget as well. In terms of USB rechargeable batteries, you ultimately use less and spend less over the long term compared to alkaline batteries. And because a single set can be charged more than a thousand times, you don't need stock up on extra of batteries just in case you may need some.


2. Greater Freedom


Minimalists often talk about the greater freedom their lifestyles afford them. Because they are not encumbered by material possessions, they don't need big houses. Their ability to live on tighter budgets means they have a lot of lifestyle and career flexibillity. Likewise, USB rechargeable batteries offer more freedom in the sense that they can be charged quickliy using any standard USB port. You don't need a special charger, either.


3. Time for the Important Stuff


Long-term minimalists are also known to talk about how their decision to turn away from the consumerist mindset has given them more time for what they consider important. That time stems from the fact that they are not investing it all the time-consuming activities that tend to accompany consumerism. USB rechargeable batteries may not give you more time, but they can help you refocus on more important things – like taking care of your family, friends and the planet.


Our hats are off to those who choose to live minimally. Whether you are new to minimalism, or you have been at it a while, do not forget that your choice of batteries matters. Choose USB rechargeable batteries and unencumber yourself from alkaline disposables. It is the smart thing to do.